In this video are some indepth tips and tricks I have accumulated and put to use on clients to help women begin weightlifting! These tips are really not just women but ANYONE looking to get into weightlifting and where to start! Weightlifting in your first few sessions can be awkward and uncomfortable since you are learning so many new forms and techniques while incorporating weight. Having a few tips and tricks to help get the ball rolling and you into the right direction will be what you need to keep you heading towards your goals! I did not want this video to be too long so if you have any other questions as a beginner, comment below and I will try and get back to you asap.

p.s Also keep in mind that these are general beginner tips and EVERYONE will have different weightlifting journeys and goals, but this is an overall good way to start and get your technique down!

p.p.s The rep ranges I suggest are to get you comfortable with using weight, building endurance, and working on form and technique – after a few weeks you should alter your rep ranges to suit your goals- whether that be building size, strength, or endurance! I also forgot to mention in the video that start with 2 – 4 sets per exercise depending on how you feel and how many exercises you plan on doing (less exercises = more sets / more exercises = less sets) Every last 2-3 reps of a set should be challenging but able to keep control.




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  1. Hi Hunter! I'm a new subscriber, and I have a question! I have arthritis in both of my knees, so is it bad for me to squat? I already love your videos and love watching you and learning!

  2. This video was excellent thank you! I just bought a gym pass (I'm super skinny and want to get bigger) I want to do weight training but it's so intimidating lol. When you first started weight training did you have any fears of going into the weights section? If so how did you overcome them? I just feel really intimidated because I don't know what I'm doing.

  3. I have chronic muscle tension/pain in my neck and shoulder regions. I've been told that I need to do strength training because my muscles are weak? I'm a bit nervous to start because I don't want further pain, yet…I know weight training comes with pain. Do you have any advice for my situation? I'm a beginner and I swear, there's so much information out there. #Overwhelmed

  4. awesome! I have been doing around 10-13 reps with a higher weight as opposed to the 15-20 you have mentioned. I assume that you are saying this for beginners in order to work on endurance but I am also looking to build some muscle size/strength. So should I be doing more reps or is that fine?

    Also I am the same height as you!

  5. This was really helpful, you answered a lot of the things I was wondering about. Thank you! And completely off topic, but I love your lip color! I'd love to know what it is if you can remember 🙂

  6. I just found this video, thank you so much for truly explaining how beginners should start! I’ve been going to the gym for a while but now I really want to start squatting and deadlifting and your video really helped me out!

  7. This is great that women are getting involved in weight training. Makes it easier for us men that are over 50 and especially over 70 that we can ask young women to do more of the heavier lifting of furniture or what ever around the house that starts to get too heavy for us older men. My gender often gets the impression that we need young adult males to help with the heavy duty lifting but don't realize that young women are just as capable as young men in lifting the heavy duty stuff. Young women can lift the heavy duty stuff on average better than us older senior citizen aged or close to senior citizen aged men.

  8. Hi! Just stumbled across this and it’s super helpful. My question is scheduling. You always hear people say today is leg day or back day. How many days of the week do we dedicate to a group of muscles? Is leg day once a week? Twice of week? Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  9. I have problems because I know I want to slim down so I should do lower weight and higher reps but I also like doing high weights to see how strong I can be. But it sucks cause I feel like when I do heavier weights, I get a little bulky. How can I combine heavy lifting into my sets but still lengthen and slim my muscles?

  10. I’m 18 and I’ve been doing pretty much only cardio for more than two years now but I want to incorporate weights into my routine. I exercise almost every day for about an hour so I don’t know when to do weights


  12. I left the gym early yesterday because I was intimidated by how the men was hogging the Smith machine. I'm new to lifting and want to give it a try but I can never get a machine.

  13. Just came across this video and I must say thank you! This is the most detailed, straight to the point video I have found! Also wanna add that I saw how many subs you have and I couldn't believe it! I was expecting millions.! You deserve that! Hopefully you'll get there soon girl!!


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