A video on how to prep your meal like a bodybuilder.

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  1. I can see you weigh your food after it's been cooked. It that ok to do as well? I personally find it easier to do it that way if you're meal prepping, but there's always that argument on whether or not to weigh it cooked or uncooked.

  2. Matter of fact is eating the right things is not that impotant if you train enough something like 20-25 hours a week over 5 days.
    Dan Green+ Kali muscle is a great example, he (Dan) can shoulderpress 315 lb, deadlift well over 800 lb and bench press 400 lb with 10 reps wich is insane. if you are that muscular and massive or even near that level, your body burns off anything you throw at it. of course very few people is on that level, let us be honest that is why so many talk about it like it is very important. Another perfect example is crossfitters who besides functional strenght exercises also do alot of cardio based training (they look jacked and also eat alot of junkfood).

  3. I didnt undestand, all that amount is precisely for a whole week? or is it just for one day? if so, if it is for a week, what portion should i eat daily? :/ one cup of rise, and two slices of chiken? or what … help me out with this please

  4. to these guy who say they eat alot of food how much cholesterol do you take in with eating 4-5 chicken breasts a day and like 5 eggs a day? That stuff is loaded with cholesterol how does your body with stand that amount of cholest??

  5. Great informative video. This is great work. I personally need some help with the kind of food I should be eating. I found this (https://tinyurl.com/yapbsj2g) and it was really helpful as it's designed to promote muscle building and fat loss. And the best part is, that cooking from these recipes' can be done in minutes!


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