Despite the deadlift being one of the most effective exercises for improving overall strength, size/definition of the posterior chain, and athleticism, it’s also the one exercise that people struggle to perform correctly – often leading to injuries or just an inefficient deadlift. That’s why it’s essential that you learn how to deadlift, and how to deadlift properly in order to lift the most amount of weight and minimize or risk of injury – leading to better gains in the long run. In this video I’ll go through 5 of the most common deadlift mistakes people make, but more importantly I’ll show you how to fix them in order to get a bigger, stronger deadlift. It’s likely that you’re doing at least one of the mistakes shown in this video, but as you may experience, fixing it can definitely lead to an increase in your deadlift strength and remove any discomfort you may have been previously feeling. So pay attention! Enjoy 🙂







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  3. I do 3 sets of 11 reps with 120 kg and started doing deadlifts 14 months ago I weigh 77 kg. And yes with good form but not perfect perse. Am I strong and doing good?

  4. A gym owner corrected my deadlift one time; his instructions was basically a deadlift with the hips too low. It threw me off and I ended up botching my DL session.

  5. I came across your channel and by lord it is the best… Not only do you give simple step by step solutions but also explain the videos graphically using highlighters for proper form…. Thats one of the USP of your videos… Great work buddy…. Ur channel is at the top of my favorites and daily must watch… Thanks a ton for all the work putting it together… Much appreciated and keep it up… Looking forward to more!! 🙂

  6. Always avoided deadlifts due to everyone around me experiencing injuries because of it. I think after this, I'm comfortable enough to start it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jerking the weight…that’s my problem right there. I’ve had spinal erector pain ever song I started lifting, and that’s the culprit.

    I’ve asked so many people, including experienced powerlifters, to watch my form, and most said it was perfect. That jerking motion is something that’s relatively hard to see though.

  8. Well im trying to learn how to do this for my job and my backs longevity some objects are weirdly shaped and i cant align the object with my scapula do i just bring it as close as possible?

  9. My max 2 months ago was 315 @125 but it was hard increasing my PR. After seeing this, I decided to changed my form and make it right now I did 385 @135 and still going at my wanted weight @160 which I’m looking forward to see how much I can lift

  10. this video taught me a lot, only regret was not waiting until after finishing to do the deadlift, I had a friend who taught me some proper technique but this taught me the left over information

  11. wow, I've been deadlifting wrong this whole time. That explains the lower back pain and right hip pain. Good thing I wtached this video. Thanks so much!! Going to try these techniques next workout!!

  12. Jeremy your videos are always so concise and scientific, always citing studies and getting right to the important points. Since I have subscribed to you my quality of life has improved drastically as I now possess the information (or have access to it) to make the gains I've always wanted. Seriously, I FN love you.

  13. Years ago, I apparently wasn't performing deadlifts correctly, but they still helped me reduce lower back pain. I'll have to try again, but this time correctly. That "pushing the ground away" analogy is very understandable to me.

  14. Basically, if you do these steps properly, you can life much more than you'd think. I thought my upper limit was 80 kilos (about 165 pounds, I think) for years, but after learning to truly deadlift properly, I managed to get up to 95 kilos (205 pounds)

  15. The study that this video shows does not say what Jeremy says it says.

    Jeremy says that the study says that the deadlift "enables you to lift more weight when compared to any other free-weight exercise." The study if you read the print is actually not saying that.

    The study is actually saying that a hexagonal barbell deadlift is more effective an exercise for lifting more weight with less peak stress points on the ankles, back, and hips with a greater stress moment on the body overall when compared to a straight barbell deadlift. Participants were able to lift a higher one rep maximum with a hexagonal barbell deadlift when compared to a straight barbell deadlift. That is what the study says.

    So Jeremy is misquoting the study.


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