Most guys never make any gains or muscle building progress in their body transformation journeys because they are lifting weights all WRONG!! If you want to break free from your skinny guy shackles and leave your hardgainer genetics behind you, watch the full free training video now to discover my Top 4 Weight Lifting Techniques to get the most out of your bodybuilding training and bodybuilding workouts!

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  1. I know this is going to sound like a stupid question , but is it still possible for to build up some muscles event though im almost 26 ? I ask heard if you havent build up muscles by then , your body become to old to form muscles mass. I know it sound stupid but i want to know for sure if i can still make muscles even im 25 ? I know it get harder as you get older but 25 or so sounds little too young

  2. Very good, no-nonsense video. Just one question: in bicep curls, aren't you supposed to keep the upper arm still so as to target only the biceps and not engage other muscles, for example the back or shoulders?

  3. Guys subscribe to my channel if you want to see my body progress i will publish a video after 2 years. It will be a motivation video for 12-14 year old s.

  4. Come on the first 3 minutes are you repeating yourself. You have good information but many of us guys look up workout videos minutes before we start the workout and hearing repetition just wastes all of our times including your time.

  5. This is basically Mike Mentzers's Heavy Duty training program. Most people will not try these technics because they can't do near the weight they usually do, so their ego stands in the way! I started this type program at age 50, I am now 54 and I am in the best shape of my life, ( With no joint pain). I encourage you to try this, the 4 second positive and negative movements are brutal and will activate the central nervous system for gains at any age.

  6. Dude – great advice but this video could’ve been way shorter. 4mins max talking about each point.

    I had to skip you talking on and on unnecessarily.

    You had good points but jeez, more concise please

  7. Thanks! I've been going the gym for a couple of months now and lord am I glad I saw this video. I can't believe how much I did wrong. Thanks for this, next time I go I will take it easy and make sure my form is in check, also increasing the weights slowly.

    Also, that before an after picture at the end of the video, how long did it take for you to get like that?

  8. Ive heard that going slow for contraction and relax part of the movement will focus on slow twitch fiber muscles, whereas having a quick contraaction will focus on fast twitch fibres; the fibres which result in the best physical growth…

  9. Thank you. This video is extremely helpful, also you always referred to people who lift weights as "guys".
    But often girls like me love to be fit and buff and increase muscle strength, I'm growing up to be strong like a Hyena. The past year I've been lifting weights and my muscles are very firm and prominent and I can tell they are bigger than when I first started. I always thought the more reps you lift the better, I lift a 15 pound weight now, but I had no idea I was supposed to life weights slowly so I always blasted through lifting weights rapidly and it makes alot of sense to lift them slowly and I can't wait to change my form and watch my muscles grow huge now 🙂

  10. I been laying in bed drinking ever since my divorce 4 years ago. I lay in bed about 20 hours a day. One thing that shocked me is that I still have muscle mass…something my 55 year old dad doesn’t have. Im still physically strong. I’m 35 now and tired of feeling sorry for myself. I’m ready to get back into weight training….haven’t done it since 2007. People always said they wish they had a body like mine to “work with”. I’m naturally muscular – big guy, 6 foot 2. I am ready to start doing this and do it right! Even when I lifted weights wrong back in 2006-2007 I still gained a lot of muscle. I will take this very seriously. Not sure how good I will do as an alcoholic but like I said – I still got good muscle mass. Also I’ll try my hardest to go 7 days without drinking.

    This summer,, I invited who I thought was a friend over to spend 3 weeks with me. We went to Go Mart to get beer and cigs. Mind you he’s also a former heroin addict and very thin. Takes Seboxin. Bragged about how he spent 2 years in prison. The people at the counter wouldn’t take his ID because it was fake. What 26 year old had a fake ID? Then he started freaking out and kicking everything down. Long story short – I rushed him out of the store, he started pushing me, then tried to hit me a few times. I then beat him to the point to were he spent a week in the hospital. Some “big tough career criminal” huh? Even after 4 years of alcohol abuse, I am still able to hold my own. In fact, that was the first fight I got into since grade school. According to that f, he’s been fighting all his life. I didn’t even get arrested because he hit me first. Also we payed his way down here from NY. So yeah…I got the build. I just need the skill. I’m 100 pounds overweight, 6 foot 2…that’s gonna change damn soon. I lost around 80 pounds before on two separate occasions – once when I was 17 then again at age 23. I know I can do it again.

  11. Its good advice, I always see people lifting incorrectly. I thought i'd come and check to confirm what I believed, yes it did and with even more detail. People don't seem to have too much time these days but sometimes info does need something extra to really get the point across. Thanks for the info.


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