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Make sure that you get your cardio going to lose the body fat. Get frequent massages to help with poor blood circulation and also reduce soreness after training. Do weight training like squats,lunges,kickbacks,hip thrust workouts. These exercises will help target the muscles in your glutes and thighs. Make sure you also remove stress from your life as stress will lead to more fat gain. Drink plenty of water and make sure you get enough rest. You have to change your lifestyle in order to correct this issue. Dont wait too long to do something about it because the older you get, the more fat you will store. Train hard and wish you the best with your results 🙂


  1. its not a lifestyle issue, at least not for me. I'm about 12℅ body fat and I got cellulite last year on my ribs. yes on my ribs. The sides. There's nothing I can do about it because there's no muscle there and barely any fat. idk what to do at all, I just keep getting demotivated to workout just seeing it there . I been working out and eating well for 4 years, was never fat. I did MMA, was very active at one point. I just don't understand. all my efforts for a great physique are useless now, I work out for nothing

  2. Shadowpalm. … you don't know the half of it I wish my cellulite was just on my ribs…. unlike you I've never done any exercise in my life but this is making me forcing me to but if it's still going to be there what's the point

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