1. @lasernederland yea i've seen that, i'm subscribed to them. But in my experience, and everything i've read and been told by people who you can easily tell who know what they're doing, and my coaches who have degrees in exercise science. Compound movements first, and isolation movements after (if you want/highly recommended)

  2. @pyro69man @CBoyd101 That is very true! Compound movements (in my opinion) should be in the beginning of your workouts, especially for someone trying to BUILD size. I incorporate isolation exercises to bring out detail and/or strengthen a certain muscle group. Good discussion guys!

  3. thanks man for this video – I am a beginner so all I did at home were bicep exercises and my biceps developed well. But I never worked out my triceps. Well with this exercise I look forward to developing my triceps. Favorited + subbed + thumbed it up.

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