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Always make sure you get a full extension of your bicep. This is important not only to get the most out of your workout but to also stretch the muscle to prevent crapping in the future. Make sure you lift with proper form, light weight a rep range of 10-15 would be best to get a good pump. Make sure you do a warm up set before hitting the heavier weights. The last set should be a high rep range to really fill the bicep with blood possibly 15-20 reps


  1. you welcome. Hammer curls focus on the peak of the bicep (brachialis) muscle and it also works your forearm (wrist extensors) muscles. Palms up is more of a isolation workout for biceps.

  2. thanks for the info but please answer my question
    ok heres the problem when im doing bicep curl with a low weight i actually feel the biceps but with big weight i dont feel anything its good with lightweight but whtat i want is mass not tone

  3. workouts are just tools to build muscle, use all the tools you have at your disposal to stimulate the muscles you want to train. No such thing as this is better than that lol Just train hard and correctly 🙂

  4. This video is really helpful. I was in weight training since high school, took two courses in college and I was never able to properly isolate my bicep. I would always get pain near the inside of my elbow. Now I realize I didn't have my elbow/arm far enough back. I always kept it lined up with my chest. Thank you for posting!

  5. Hey man. Just wanted to thank you for this. Been struggling with my biceps and getting the mind/muscle connection but my form must have been out. Just tried a set of 12 for hammer curl and bicep curl and feel more of a difference in the muscle tearing than I was for full sets. I'll do a vid in a couple months for you because my arms will be bigger than yours…

  6. looks like ive had some bad form. my shoulders have been hurting for days after, and i knew that wasnt right to feel. im a beginner and this certainly helps with the basics of proper form. thanks!

  7. Alex, I'm new to working out (about 2 months). How many sets and reps do you recommend for each exercise…and do you so all those exercises in one day? How many days of rest do you suggest between working the biceps? Hey, nice info in this video. Thanks.

  8. Dam ten years to get your arms like that ? Ive been lifting for a year and they are barley half of your arms ! Your amazing !! Ima put full dedication like you! (: hopefully I can be like that when im 25 .

  9. When you're lifting if you're getting less of a peak on your biceps, and they're more elongated, are they being worked out less or are you simply going to developing less peaked muscles. 


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