1. actually u r doing great job and i think that max infrormation in short time is the best way to get a proper advice,I know most of ur videos on utube.It would be great if u do one where u are telling what exactly must eat to get max power for strenth for good training and buld muscle in long turn
    10q and stay strong
    p.s short jokes are good 😀

  2. this isnt necessarily true, if you put your body in a fasted state then train it would be more beneficial because then your body would be forced to use your fat stores as energy, where as if you ate a lot of the meat your talking about it would just convert the amino acids (protein) to glycogen being available for energy ?

  3. @imNAYR I am sharing how to do it the healthy way. Fasting is un healthy and dangerous. When you starve yourself, your body will become bias to certain bodily functions because you do not have enough vitamins and nutrients. Your body needs to be fed all the time. And your diet should depend on how your body handles certain foods.

  4. AJ i admire your dedication to fitness and health well im trying to do the same, but its really hard for me cause i work at night so i really dont know how to keep a good nutrition since i go to bed when everyone in my house is having breakfast and when i wake up there having either lunch or dinner, i really dont know what to do, can you please help me??

    hope you get this message and i hope to hear from you soon.

  5. @arj3191 and imNAR…Both of u are right and wrong…smh…Fasting is great for cleaning the body of toxicity which is good for the colon and your overall health…bodybuilding is one thing…overall health is another…if u tryna look good and have a muscular fit and active body then u will need to eat for energy and musclebuilding period…but having mucles dont mean ur overall healthy…the key is BALANCE trust me…Too much of anything is NEVER good…fasting or eating…

  6. @pep72000 Fasting is never good, your body needs energy and nutrients no matter what. Without them, your bodily functions including toxic removal wont be working properly. Your bowels wont be evacuated properly. Ridding your body of food is anorexia, it's considered a disease.

  7. @ arj3191.We all live life out of our perception or what we have been taught mainly.But does that make that perception or educational source REALITY?of course not..U live in and are educated in the mainstream view of health and fitness.smh.Its a big world.evrbdy has a view but then there is the never lies.I have fasted quite a few times and the reults have been great..sorry.truth is gotta kp the colon clean. i wont dealin with a machine..I used to think I knew it all to

  8. @pep72000 Yes it works but fasting is not healthy period. Search it on web MD. Your body needs food. Yes fasting will work, but I am not going to support something that can also harm you. I don't want my viewers taking that risk, so if you have a fasting plan for yourself great. But the best way is the healthy way.

  9. LOL..@arj3191..Obviously im dealin with an expert..everybody is an expert these days.smh..plenty of em on utube.. well let's look at nature and COMMON sense.Every principle in nature.male female,neg and pos.sun and moon.Everything has a balance or a counterpart principle..In nature too much rain causes a flood.Too little causes a drought..Wouldnt the body need balance as well…too much eating and food stuck in the colon over the yrs without a BALANCE of rest from time to time is Not gd Bro..SMH

  10. @jlow90jr It's all research. Anything that lives, needs an energy source to live and to function properly. People that fast, end up depriving themselves of what they need. Yea you lose weight, but that is because your body has fallen into a catabolic state meaning, it is literally beginning to eat itself to maintain energy levels. Also, your body will begin to re prioritize it's functions, an example would be the immune system becoming weaker and more prone to viruses and sickness.

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  12. This drives me INSANE!! Every person I know thinks they know exactly what to do to lose weight. They think eating like two meals a day will help -_-. Really? They even brag about it, like I should be impressed. The same people get more fat every time I see them.

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  20. tthis channel is a fucking JOKE. 3 weeks and no videos. Andrew is to busy chillin with his pack of scrawny virgin nerds and cant even make videos for his followers. He go to community college.

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