In this video I discuss all of Arnold’s best lifts in Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, and his unofficial best gym lifts.
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  1. Thank you for this upload—thumbs up. Arnold has always been a great inspiration to me. His book helped me and my work-out partners a lot back when I was hitting it hard. I think it was called Encyclopedia of Body Building. Some of his techniques helped me over the hump whenever I'd hit a wall. Such a legendary athlete!

  2. Arnold did not look talk to me in person. Stood right next to him in Columbus Ohio at sports convention. Im 5 foot 10 inches. He did not look more than an inch taller than me. This was 3 years ago….maybe he shrunk as he got older…but he was not tall.

  3. It's not arguable that Arnold was/wasn't one of the best bodybuilders of all time. I'm sick of people hedging their bets on statements like that. The arguable point is whether or not he was *the best*. He pioneered the sport and won a ton of titles; not debatable whether he was one of the all time best.

  4. Short thick guys like Franco have a huge advantage, I worked out with a guy who could bench a lot of weight, but, he took a wide grip and only had to move the weight a few inches.

  5. Good analytical video-love your approach to provide documented statistics and to compare them with Arnold's claims!- but your assumption that Arnold is tall is incorrect. I once met a teacher who met him in California at a yard sale in Georgia and she told me that Arnold was short. I was stunned, and didn't want to believe it. But shortly afterwards I saw Arnold on tv who as Govenor was talking with Mike Huckabee's wife after a Presidential debate in California and I could see that he was shorter than her and after that I found various pictures of him next to other people–including George W. Bush and concluded that Arnold is actually short, probably 5.9, tops.

  6. Can't remember if I read or heard an interview where Arnold willingly says there are women who can do some out lift him in some lifting form, can't remember. So Arnold was pretty honest when it came to that stuff. I think he knows there's a diff between body building and weight lifting for pounds. Kudos to Arnold … he's just a bad politician because of his RINO ways!

  7. A lot of people don,t know just how big Arnold really was in the 80s and 90s
    In Japan a comic author used his body size in a Manga called Yu Yu Hakusho and the character with his body mass is Toguro. And its pretty wild that he is such a huge figure all over the world. Arnold is a living legend!!!!

  8. People rashing on arnold for not being ridiculously strong yet they don’t understand that he wasnt training to be strong, he was strictly training for bodybuilding near the end of his fitness career

  9. I can't bench or deadlift or squat all that much, but one thing is for sure, my girlfriend is 100 times prettier than maria shriver ever was. And I'm not an A list movie star. Ah, feels nice lol

  10. Was Franco stronger by a measure of work done? Franco is a very short guy and that is a HUGE advantage on the BIG 3 lifts. If you can lift 500lbs 1 foot off the ground, and I can lift it 2 feet off the ground, am I not stronger? Weight lifted is only 1 part of the equation; distance traveled is the other that everyone just seems to ignore, to their favor.

  11. Short guys can always lift more-simple physics, but the baddest men on the planet as demonstrated by "heavyweight" boxing champions and mma fighters r guys in the 180lb-220lb weight range(marciano,ali,lewis,dempsey,braddock,couture,rashad evans,dc,liddell,jones(Any doubt that bones jones would destroy most heavyweights-that he's chicken to go up doesn't negate)so who cares about musclehead roid ragers

  12. You have to remember Arnold was very strong, but the way his body looked is what won bodybuilding contest. He was also small by today's strong man standards. He was the best at what he did, and pretty good at powerlifting. An average man's strength peaks around 28 years old, so his powerlifting ended at 21 which we can't take as his actual max.

  13. For his height yes his squat is impressive. Its about leverage. At 18 5 ft 7 and 210 I could squat 685. But I have short legs. The "strongest" guy in school was 6'2 but could only manage 500. And you gotta admit Arnold had almost perfect genetics.


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