You feel dead after a heavy lifting session in the gym BUT how may calories did you really burn? In this vid I will tell you this and explain how calories are used!

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0:00 – How much energy do you burn in the gym?
1:48 – what is a calorie? Why does this matter?
2:10 – what sort of movement do you need to do to burn 1 Calorie?
3:00 – Do heavy deadlifts burn a lot of calories?
3:59 – My workout calculations, how many calories do I burn on an intense leg day?
7:08 – What about afterburn?
8:50 – Walking vs biking vs leg day… Which burns more?
11:20 – Lifting weights – Here is exactly when/why it matters.
14:10 – My history from cardiovascular king to weight training to getting fat to getting back to cardio.
15:10 – Fitness tips… How to burn MORE calories the smart way
19:29 – cardio vs. weights.

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  1. I think this info is hot garbage….it makes no sense …put in more effort and use less energy…sounds like a magic trick …most people who lift weight are a lot leaner than those who dont…but even if you attribute that to rebuild..this logic still makes no sense…i think a heart rate monitor makes more sense because every work out is different…what s heavy for one person is not the same for another…the energy expended would be hard to account for..heart goes up goes down you get a real picture of whats going on inside …give me more than one chick you monitored for a while as evidenced…you have a degree so….i trust common sense and /or some real case studies with lots of people in em …but i ll definitely be looking at the opposition studies and get back you ..there’s plenty that say the opposite

  2. Greg's math is wrong because he's assuming muscles are 100% efficient. In fact they're only about 20% efficient, so you burn a lot more than he thinks with eg. the 400kg/1m example. You actually just need about an 80kg deadlift to burn a calorie; and 80% of what you burn becomes heat (not motion of the weight). You can tell intuitively that Greg is wrong because his comparsons to walking are so absurdly slanted – slanted about 5x in fact.

  3. I have to disagree on the calculation part. There are many things that must taken into the equation, like how the muscles consume ATP energy when it’s contracted, how glycogen is pulled from those muscle and converted into ATP, the consecutive increased cellular respiration, the raised heart rate(crucial one), the muscle repair, heat loss, more internal organs functioning, the hormones etc. Our bodies don’t exert forces in a simple way like machines that we learned in high school physics. (Even simple machines need more calculations than you did in this vid.) So it would be stupid to calculate the energy used for lifting weights with W=FS=mgh or whatever, cause it is the OUTPUT of the system, not the INPUT energy that our bodies lost in order to generate the output work. Yes, lifting weight burns less energy than cardio, but it absolutely burns more than you calculated.

  4. Have you also considered recovery metabolic needs? To repair muscle and fuel growth a caloric intake of 25-30kcal per kg of body weight would be good for recovery alone, even more considering the goal is to enlarge myofibrils.
    Take this into consideration along with calories being burnt 150 calories plus about 200 doing cardio. The caloric needs would have increased

  5. I hate how gullible people keep on relying on their fckin watches and are like I burned 600cals and I try to explain this and they never believe me! Then I’m like keep doing what you’re doing and get fat 🙂

  6. Greg, I'm about to hire you as a coach.
    One thing, I have a myzone heart rate monitor, it's a chest strap.
    I burn about 800 to 1000 in an hour of hard HARDER THAN LAST TIME weight lifting session but it's more of a crossfit style with minimal rest.
    More of a cardio with weights.
    I'm 180lbs lean, about 10 to 12 percent.
    You may not burn much from the actual weight lifting part as opposed to cardio sure, bit also you have metabolism and everything that is in play with that. Bmr and all that burning calories at the same time. So just something to think about.

  7. Consider spin classes for calorie burning. I'm a 6'1" 170lb guy and burn 300+ cals in 20 minutes, it's a tough workout though, about 200 watt average

  8. I hear you, but after cardio, can I lift some dumbbells or do hip thrusts? I don't want to get flabby or have loose skin. It happens to some women. Please answer?

  9. Sooooooo, lifting weights DOES burn a lot of calories or it DOESN'T? Technically, building muscle does burn more calories, but while you are doing it you don't burn as many calories. HUH?!

  10. Greg your math is quite off. Human body efficiency is between 8 and 12%. At an average of 10% and completely ignoring the science behind how the body works you will burn ~39.2 calories moving 400 kg up 1 meter.

  11. I was surprised to discover how efficient the body is when I started doing cardio to burn fat and realized I've only burnt enough calories to negate a chocolate bar. I now do a 2-3 hour walk to burn around 600 calories.

  12. What about adding in Heart Rate (increases), rest time between sets), and the Kreb Cycle?
    Leg days are slow though. All other body parts I lose about 800-900 calories in an hour.

  13. The first bike ride in 30yrs, I couldn't make it around the block without stopping. 6 weeks in and I just did a 40 k ride with lots o hills without being out of breath. My legs hate me but they are recovering.

  14. I don't think the example is right. You might need at least 1 cal to perform that lift but one can perform a movement as inefficiently as he wants. But i guess the point is right.

  15. You’re changed the way I look at fitness! Till I watched your videos I was convinced that cardio slows down your metabolism. Now I see how wrong I was. Thanks a ton Greg.

  16. Okay this video explains why as I gain muscle I suddenly want more protein. My metabolism is increasing fast. I have been doing calorie deficit and decent amount of protein along with weight training 3 times a week , and body weight exercises.

  17. I always underestimate the calories I burn working out because I know I underestimate the calories I eat. Like today, I rode the bike pretty hard for 70 minutes. I gave myself 300 calories for that. I probably burned more but that's all I "count".

  18. I do a typical 531, 5×5 and then a 6 minute ab routine. At 165 pounds I typically track about 180 calories each day at the gym. My friend is convinced he’s burning 500 calories from lifting weights for about 2 hours. One of us fat 🙂

  19. A beginner question: Greg, how do I know how much kalories I burn on my cardio? Cause I can not trust the machines at the gym.
    How do I calculate? Approximately…

  20. Ha! awesome fact checking – thanks for doing all that research to assess how much calories is burned during those exercises! Thanks a lot – that's what i needed this week. And now that i started focusing more on cardio as i got some weird back pain so couldn't do weights, after 3 sessions of 30 minutes of cross trainer in consecutive daily sessions – i look 10 times better than after 3 weeks of weights based workouts O.O 3 days of cardio and effects are amazing…. mind blown. And the best part is that i dont have to take a day off to recover from sore muslces like happens after running – i can do 30 minutes of cross trainer and feel tired after working out and the go again the next day but after 30 minutes of running i would need an ice bath and 2 days of a break. so i think this will be a good progression for me to go back to running in a good physical form. As running requires a person to be fit, you shouldnt really try getting fit by running if you have been sitting on your bum all day every day – its a recipe for tendon injury which take many years to heal or they just dont. (speaking from experience)


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