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  1. just trying to be constructive …. it's not about the logbook more than it is about watching how your body responds to exercises…… this is the time to focus on finding out what are the best methods YOUR body responds to….there's a difference between bodybuilders and powerlifters

  2. Add chromium picolinate and berberine to your suplements. That will improve your insulin sensitivity which is key to process high carb diet. More fat you get your insulin sensitivity go lower. Iv seen your previous videos you ate lot of junk, avoid. Go with surplus but not high. You dont have too get too soft, especialy after that short period of time after show. You not gonna build more muscles, even if you gonna put lot of weight on you and extra pound of muscle because of that you will lose that pound while more extreme cut. You can get 30 pounds of weight after a year and 4-6 pounds of that gonna be muscle realisticaly thinking as you are natural. Making yourself hard time cut phase by putting lots of weight beside muscles. Not an expert but i can see you justifying adding more food than you need to your diet by explaining yourselff thatt its part of a process and its necessary. No its not. I guess you know it all anyway. Keep it up! Great content

  3. I definitely enjoy seeing the physique updates even when you’re bulking. I’m coming out of a diet phase myself and it’s very beneficial to my mindset to hear you talk about the same things I’m feeling – feeling uncomfortable/flicking the switch


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