You’ve probably heard this before even at a very young age, “You need to get out in the sun more!” In the ever growing digital world – it becomes less and less likely for people to go out and actually soak up some sun. But besides the social issues that might be caused by staying in doors, there is a very good reason to get outside during the day. Vitamin D.

This is a very vital vitamin to your overall health and is surprisingly important for bodybuilders specifically. Why? Because this vitamin is very different than most – it might actually provide an anabolic effect. So whether it’s through real life sunlight or supplement pill form… watch this new episode of Straight Facts and let Jerry Brainum break down in detail just how important this vitamin is for bodybuilders. Check it out above.

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  1. the most important thing is that you lose this so called "winter-blues". you dont get depressed in winter and youre more vital overall. buy the drops and dont forget the vitamin k2 if youre using a higher dosis

  2. great work Jerry, keep up the informtion, would be interested to see some videos on t3 as a bodybuilding supplement and from mens and womens perspective, as well yohimbine I saw someone else in the comments requested, maybe you can do the two together

  3. thanks for the video, my only concern is that you didn't caution people not to overdo the intake of vitamin D since it is not water soluble and an excess of it does NOT flush out of your system like water soluble vitamins such as vitamin B and C. Vitamin overdosing is a REAL thing, not saying those watching your video are dumb enough to take gigantic amounts to trigger an overdose, but it was something not mentioned in the video.

  4. Palumbo has been saying this for a loooong time. I'm one of his clients and on my supp cycles he stresses how important vit D is and how much to take. I take a friggin fist full of vitamins per day, it's by far the most annoying supp to take even over shots IMO lol

  5. Jerry, how about taking Vitamin D3 with a fish oil supplement such as Omega 3? Due to your mention of taking it with a slightly fatty meal? Also, have you done any research on Vitamin E, the Tocotrienol Delta and Gamma types as opposed to the typical Vitamin E D-Alpha-Tocopheryl type? Thanks.

  6. I take fish oil and multivitamins every day and have for some years
    now,according to the labels i get 400% of daily recommended dose,is that
    ok or should i up it?

  7. But if you take drops, how can you be sure it "slides" all the way down to your stomach with the fat? Doesn't drops go directly into the blood from sensitive spots in the mouth?

  8. Most people go out in the sun wearing sunblock, the optimum time to spend in the sun is 30 minuets without any sunblock early in the morning when the sun is weak. It's also believed that sunblock is the major reason for skin cancer not its protection

  9. Prohormones = Compounds which are converted of via an enzymatic process to anabolic hormones in the body. As such they will cause similar affects in the body to anabolic steroids but at a lesser magnitude than anabolic steroids due to the rate limiting limiting effect caused by the enzyme conversion.

  10. He is so weirdly exact on this subject ! Why is he not over 1 million subs? No party hat and tank top , He is all right on his subjects . And its free, outstanding


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