1. Clearly they use concentric lifts/pushes that help the main movement hat they are competing in, they ar enot doing a bodybuilding workout because the eecentric part of the lift is being left out, concentrics plus statics and extreme stretching is being used for strength training. It's really interesting, but they do not look like bodybuilders.

  2. Ok beside all the ideology, group identity, circular reasoning and certainty around, shall we question maybe the possibility of a… spine injury ?

  3. The Whole Credit of their amazing Success at the ALL international levels,is,their Hard,Systemic Training under proper Guidance,about EVERYTHING. They are Simply awesome & I RESPECT their Teachers,System a lot,due to which they produce so many Great WORLD CHAMPIONS, Continuously,one after another. Regards to all of them & thanks to you,Snakepham,have already Subscribed to your Channel.Shrineevas Sant,ox16@aol.in

  4. i can guarantee none of them are on gears…all natty nu cn just see the hard work they put into…n dedication…musclesr not extremely big nut super ripped n good quality hard muscles.,,very motivational..

  5. To all the comment, if these lifters are compete in Olympic, they can't take juice as they were tested every few months. For those who don't compete at these level, shut the fuck up and don't put judgement when you don't know.

  6. People talk about Chinese genetics, them using steroids. These people are cherrypicked from a pool of 1.5 bill people, of course, it is possible to find supreme genetics. Not saying they do not use, I simply do not know that, but suggesting a racial basis for bad genetics of the Chinese general population sounds ignorant.


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