The Real Bodybuilding Podcast episode 67 brings you Jordan Peters. What was quickly evident in this podcast is, Jordan is operating on a higher level of focus than the rest of us.



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Time stamps:

00:00 – Intro

02:15 – Building out your sets, reps during your workout.

24:28 – Jordan’s IG, lifting heavy to get big.

29:55 – When do use extended sets or intensity techniques. Deficit vs Bulking

35:00 – Insulin.

50:25 – JP’s diet.

1:01:10 – JP’s empire. Building businesses.


  1. Guys put this to rest already you can build muscle in a deficit stop acting like you can’t stop acting like there’s even a 1% chance that I’m wrong example number one your natural and you’re fat and you go on steroids and your diet hard you’re putting on muscle. End of keys can you put muscle on in a deficit yes example to you just join the gym and you’re overweight and you start dieting can you put on muscle yes of course youKen so stop with the bullshit acting like you can’t put muscle on in a deficit everyone who thinks that they can’t do that is an absolute moron that’s right an idiot. Almost as dumb as somebody who would think that if they’re eating 4500 cal a day didn’t means they’re on a 2000 cal surplus because they looked on some kind of church on the computer they said that they should be getting 2500 for maintenance when that’s the average person‘s maintenance calories you know that video that you took down that I didn’t get into that I could’ve destroyed everything you said and embarrassed you they decided not to do it to be nice. So stop acting like you know even 1% more than me about this topic you can build muscle in a deficit stop bringing my name up I don’t want to have to keep coming here and telling you that you’re wrong. Everyone and their dog damn dolly knows that you’re wrong food you are wrong you can build muscle in a deficit stop lying to people and making it look like you can’t you can build muscle in a deficit seeing you Can’t is equal to telling people that you’re going to be efficient and not burn calories when you run like John Meadows cardiologist had said.

  2. Great content! The 1lb comment was funny! I get odd looks when I use 2.5lb plates. I kinda train the same using Dr Mike Israetel's similar principles. Over the past 5 years, from 37-42 yrs old, I've made my best progress. I attribute it to discipline training, eating, properly resting to recover, and always wanting to learn more. This is awesome info. Thanks for having him on.

  3. Had my 2nd leg day after switching to hacks instead of squats. These hacks destroy me, more muscle recruitment all in the legs. I got my first glute seize/cramp and had to sit on the curb outside the gym for 20 lol how do we avoid the cramps? Hydration? Electrolytes? Maybe I went too far??

  4. 32 min in – I'm assuming you're talking about coach Greg. I don't remember him saying that, I do remember him saying you don't NEED to BULK in order to build muscle. He referred to "bulking" as in a heavy caloric surplus – and he rather feels that you only need 3-400 SURPLUS calories over your maintenance amount in order to build.

    Not picking sides – just enjoy the discussion and views from different persons perspective.
    Love these podcast's btw

  5. Real question here. What do you think of a beginner lifter doing a one year cycle of 531 powerlifting, just to build a strength base, with an overall goal of bodybuilding? I am not a competitor.

  6. Watched the sets ect part, went to the gym and used it for chest day. 4 exercises first 2 not past faillure ect. Strongest i have ever been while 6 weeks in a cut! I am gonna use this with every workout

  7. Whey protein actually has the highest EAA content and biological value compared to other sources. It could be considered food because its basically a component of milk. I would recommend getting protein from a variety of sources though (chicken, beef,eggs,fish) because they contain a variety of different micronutrients !

  8. I will tell you this after this podcast. Although I am pushing 40 and I've had two back surgeries rotator cuff surgery ACL and my right ankle. I am going to give this style of exercise a good college go LOL. Just to see now I do know what exercises to stay away from like heavy poundage is on my back I can't take it the rod in my back or I have it fused won't allow me to. Plus I'll be paying for it for days. So yeah I'll give this a go and I'll do it for approximately 8 weeks and I'll have my start photo and my end and I'll see if anything changes. So I'm pretty excited. Also Jordan if you're reading this do you still do coaching and if so do you do it for normal guys obviously I'm not no Pro or amateur bodybuilder. Because I'm more geared towards functionality. I am 210 lbs but dense muscle from I would like to thanks heavy lifting. And bodyweight stuff. Throughout my years in ranger battalion. And I've had five semi-professional mixed martial arts fights. I'm probably not going to fight anymore but I still like to train. Well I guess that would be the question now is what it be beneficial.? I understand that out probably more than likely gain size which I don't mind but I'm worried about functionality. I mean I guess if I do go up to much I can always back off. But we'll see

  9. Fouad , by the way buddy I seen your Instagram post and I'm sorry to hear what you're going through bro. Are you going to plan on downsizing or are the health risks more so dangerous wind you would diet down? But either way man for what it's worth I was really looking forward like many others seeing you on stage one last time I think you definitely would have gave these younger guys a run for their money. The way you used to come in peeled like we can chalk it up as seth Feroce peeled. You are one of the bigger guys that would legitimately come in inside out. Maybe I'm just fanboying here but honestly think you could have easily made top three even with big Rami and those guys.

  10. Subscribing to trainedbyJP app is the best thing I could’ve done to further my knowledge and to continue to progress my body. That being said need more JP seems like there’s always something more to gain from him

  11. Fouii

    Have you ever had a point when you lost all your gains, got out of shape and found it hard to get back on track ?

    Im not one for excuses but im really struggling to string more then 2 months together consistently.

    I also miss seeing actual gains because the fat i have accumulated.

    I am reallly reallly struggling.

    Do you do coaching at all ? Im in Aus

  12. I love hearing JP talk. Between his obvious passion, vast knowledge, real world accomplishment and application, he's one of my favorite bodybuilders out there.

  13. As I go through this episode I'm picking out epic information. Also note that I am going to be a member of his site or Forum whatever you want to call it. Sounds like something I would be interested in and obviously am interested in. Going to go sign up time meow

  14. The only thing I’d like you have chatted to Jordan is about wearing a belt during the really heavy lifts and would it help with distension?

    So as you’ve guys have been talking about heavy weights causes a lot of internal pressure during the really heavy work which can contribute to distension so would wearing a tight belt during the heavy lifts allow you to hold the stomach tighter.

    I watch Jordan and he doesn’t wear a belt during the really heavy lifts which I bet is why his lower back is crazy.

    I didn't mean to be a dick!!! It's just that I know Jordan is very knowledgeable and health focused (even having his own and very high quality line of health supps) while still having that psycho no holding back mentality, so I was curious to read his insights on the subject.

  16. If your health does happen to imrpove try and remember
    There are very few kevin levrones that can go from zero to 2nd at Olympia in just 5 months
    Some guys take 1-2 years for a real Come back


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