Personal Pita Pizza Recipe! The Flexible Dieting Lifestyle! 4k Recipe Video! In this video I show you how to make a Personal Pita Pizza that takes less than 10 minutes to make!

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Macros for this Recipe!
178 Calories
13g Carbs
6g Fat
18g Protein

Ingredients for this Recipe & Amounts
Joseph’s Pita (1)
Pizza Sauce (60g)
Kraft Fat Free Cheddar (14g)
Trader Joe’s Fat Free Mozzarella (14g)
Low Fat Pepperoni (8 Pieces)

Pizza Pan
Pizza Cutter


  1. Yeah, always find great products at HEB! Already tried this pizza and it's really delicious! Worth it 😀 Next do a Healthy Protein Cinnamon Roll please! Or something with cinnamon (I love it hehe)

  2. I enjoy all the content you upload on FDL 🙂 (even though that in Malta we don't have half of the macro friendly ingredients)… I still try to adapt though 🙂 I think that now it's time to upload some vegan recipe (just sayin' :P)

  3. Just made some today with garlic powder to add flavor to the buttery pita!! It was very good!! Macro friendly too. I’ve done this years ago as well. Keep doing what your doing bro! Have a blessed one!!

  4. I use the flax seed, whole wheat and do the same thing. Im glad i watched this though because i now know to put the bread in before to get it nice and crunchy! Funny thing, i said " she so pretty" while watching the video like 10 seconds before you did! already subscribed! haha

  5. I make this pizza with the lavish cut one in half and put cooked ground turkey onion and bell pepper and toast it in the toaster oven I toast the lavish bread first before I put my sauce and topping on and don't forget the mozzarella cheese it's great

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  7. Lots of nitrites and nitrates in that highly processed pepperoni, tons of sodium in the spaghetti sauce, and highly processed cheese. This can’t be considered “healthy” even if it’s lower carb.


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