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1/2 cup mushrooms, sliced (60 g)
4 oz. chicken (115 g)
2 tbsp. soy sauce (30 mL)
1 cup broccoli (85 g)
1/2 cup peas (90 g)
1/4 cup carrots, diced (30 g)
1 egg
1 cup brown rice, cooked (160 g)

Servings: 2
260 calories
4g fat
32g carbs
20g protein

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  1. Another ingredient you should add along with the soy sauce is oyster sauce. It'll give it that extra flavor and color you get from fried rice you get from Chinese restaurants. Some of you are probably thinking "that sounds disgusting", but trust me. I personally despise seafood, yet the oyster sauce seems to be tolerable for me and puts the final touch on fried rice.

  2. love it man! great idea for some healthy takeaway like meal, thanks so much again! (and it tastes much better than just plain chicken with veggies and rice, ya know what I'm saying)

  3. I've been training two years and a bit, eating bad meals
    Today i decided to go onto Youtube to try my luck
    & Happy to say I tried this recipe and it makes
    all those 2 years eating my bad meals so so much more exciting haha – Subbed

  4. why dont you add the egg after you add the rice? it clings to the rice and gives it more taste. i'm asian, i eat rice almost everyday and thats how we all cook fried rice

  5. If you want a sweeter taste to your fried rice or a sweeter taste to sauces or anything you make, get some monk fruit and or stevia packets. They have no calories, I use them on chicken, on a big batch of amazing fried rice I made this morning, in zero calorie teriyaki sauce and it's great. I recommend the powder so you can spread it evenly if you sprinkle it on.

  6. doesn't look appealing.  this is a better way to make this:  scallion, olive oil, garlic , ginger, oyster sauce, mixed fresh veggies, not frozen!  add chicken and egg and cooked brown rice. ,  its so delicious, and you wont feel deprived.

  7. nice video. i make this whenever i have leftover brown rice 🙂 really good with salmon aswhell 😀 and an onion added with the shrooms and some sliced Bellpebers 😀

  8. I had double the rice so I had more chicken and egg but I think I made a mistake I didn't cool eggs in desperate pan I just added it into the rice and veggies and mixed it around and it got mushy it didn't taste bad but does that mean the egg was coated on every piece of rice so the protein was still there ? I did it the same as the guy in this video lol maybe I didn't do it wrong usually takeout the egg is all separated not mushy

  9. tip for cooking eggs in fried rice – cook the egg first! not till it's fully done, but just stir it a bit, cook the other stuff, then add the eggs later into the mix

  10. I like the recipe the only thing I disagree with is that is a lot of sodium going in there with the soy sauce I probably would omit that and use another lower sodium option for flavor like garlic or something else

  11. I do something similar, but what I do is move the chicken/veg to one side of the pan, fry the egg and scramble it separately so you get strands of yellow egg chunks, then mix it with all the other stuff.

  12. Hey Michael, haven't watched your channel in a while. Nice surprise one of your vids coming up in my feed. Love chicken fried rice. Going to try and get back on the gym train. Fell off a while back and I look like sh1t. Been watching you since you were kinda small. Been good to watch you 'grow'. All the best from the UK.

  13. What a quick and simple recipe for busy days. I love it!
    But I wouldn’t use frozen precooked chicken especially directly from frozen.
    1. the seasoning takes longer penetrate the meat.
    2. The meat could get over cooked and tough.
    3. Over cooking meat causes the protein structure to be weakened and lessen


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