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  1. just made this and these are SO good! definitely have to try these if you are a pizza person, they taste just like pizza! you could even cut down the calories a bit with a little less cheese and pizza sauce. you could also make this in a larger casserole type dish or cake pan to make slices of smaller portions.

  2. Hey guys, I have a really low carb pizza idea for you today. You just take a block of sharp cheddar cheese and eat that. It's super simply. Super easy. No mess, no cooking even required. I have heard some people say they like to cook their block of chee – I mean pizza – beforehand, but honestly, that's not even necessary. What is necessary, though, is to have a bottle of Ex-Lax on hand while eating. Personally, I pop 2-3 laxatives per bite, just to keep this from binding my internal organs up into unrelenting constipation. Whatever brand of laxatives you guys like should work, just let me know down in the comments. Alright, let's dig in…

  3. This looks dope!! I feel something so many people look over is sodium content, and packaged meat and canned sauce are of plenty of sodium. Shit makes you swell up and look fatter and gain weight. Otherwise this is a great recipe!

  4. Healthy? Oh geez… is this what we are doing now? It's a mutated frittata with more cheese than the egg. And fat free cheese is disgusting. The flavor of cheese comes from the ability of fat to house anaerobic bacteria that ferment the casein in it. So, the cheese you're using is a dump of additives, fillers, preservatives, emulsifiers, whey solids and a lot more sodium than full fat cheese. SO — this was made in 2017: You have undoubtedly tried to do better. You have people in these comments making this… and they think it is healthy.

  5. Nice video – you have great energy and seem like a cool dude – but how much sodium is in each one of these mini deep dish pizzas?  You conveniently left that out.  If you’re going to include the macros for a "healthy recipe," especially as a fitness channel, it seems like including the sodium count would be important, especially for people who don’t know any better.

    Usually, with fat free cheese and fat free foods, they up the sodium levels to compensate for the lower fat content.  Therefore, I was curious as to how much sodium was in this recipe just from the cheese, so I looked it up. There are 7 servings of 280 mg of sodium in each one of the bags of fat free cheese. Since you used the entirety of both bags, this comes out to 1960 mg of sodium in each bag and 1306 mg of sodium in each one of the mini deep dish pizzas – just from the Kraft cheese.  

    You then added 150 g of fat free cream cheese, which has 1050 mg of sodium. Next, you added 30 g of grated parmesan cheese which has 459 mg of sodium.  This comes out to 5429 mg of sodium in total and 1809 mg per mini deep dish pizza – from just the cheese.

    You then added 252 g of Ragu Homestyle Pizza sauce which has 1,000 mg of sodium and 30 g of turkey pepperoni, which adds about 640 mg of sodium.  This comes out to 2,356 mg of sodium per mini deep dish pizza and 7,069 mg of sodium in total.

    To put this into perspective, the maximum daily recommended value of sodium is 2300 mg.  By comparison, a slice of a medium Domino’s cheese pizza has 370 mg of sodium, which comes out to 2960 mg for the entire pizza. A slice of a medium Domino’s pan pizza has 410 mg of sodium, which comes out to 3280 mg of sodium for the entire pizza.  Your recipe has more than twice the sodium of an entire medium Domino’s handmade pan pizza.  And the pizzas you made don’t look particularly large – each one looks smaller than your hand. 

    Like I said, you seem like a cool dude, but it seems like you’re trying to give people hypertension and a heart attack with this recipe.  If you’re going to recommend a “healthy, low carb recipe,” atleast be transparent about the egregiously high sodium content, especially if you’re going to list the macros.  Your recipe isn’t very healthy and people are going to replicate it thinking it is. Just because a protein bar has 20 g of protein doesn’t mean it’s healthy if it also has 20 g of sugar.  In your case, just because your recipe is low in fat and carbs doesn’t mean it’s healthy if it has over 3 times the recommended daily value of sodium.  You might as well call this the Hypertension Stroke Deep Dish Special.


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