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  1. Just to throw this out there, because Im gonna most def try this dip, cut your wheat low carb wraps into chip size and toss them into the oven with some salt. Now ya have low carb chips with the dip.. just a little idea to stay on track with the Mac.. Ha, I made a funny rhyme.. Im a poet and didn't know it.. Ok, I'll stop now.

  2. You are such an inspiration for me man! … I can't wait to see a notification from your Channel to learn a new thing and to have some fum 🙂
    I have a question: Does Purbolics have any resellers or shipping outside USA?

    Thank you and all the best.

  3. This is dinner tonight for me. will try it with 3 chicken breasts instead and half of a small container of philly cheese, bbq sauce, lil mayo, franks red,…………… i am thinking you baked the dip at the end because of the cheese.. was there another reason though?

  4. Have you tried beanito chips? They have close to the same macros as regular chips but I believe more protein and fiber. They are made from beans. They are so good.

  5. If you have a meet n greet, please let us know! I'm in San Antonio & would love to meet you! Of course you could always come here and do a run of all the taco trucks. San Antonio takes their tacos very seriously!

  6. I’d use sweet peppers or celery to tear into that. Have you ever thought of making a recipe book that breaks down cutting, building , Keto, etc w example meal plans for different goals.. I think this would be awesome. Just food for thought.

  7. I served this at a huge family party today and nobody had anything but compliments on the dip. It was amazing. I did a BIT better buy using the carb control tortillas as the dipping platform instead of tortilla chips.

  8. You gotta try My Moms Peanut Butter ChickenIt's not a dip but cook your chicken in a pan when chicken is cooked through add a couple of tablespoons of PB (we like Skippy chunky PB).  It melts down and add a lil water to thin it out (not too much water) then add Chili Powder we use the Gebhardt Brand.  Basically makes a PB gravy with a lil spice.  Most people would call it a Mole Sauce, I don't really know.  Thought I would share with you.You can eat with tortillas or just plain on the side.  This is my protein powder chicken meal.   Love the channel.

  9. You should bring your cuz with big gold glasses and blonde affrow back he was a total feel but cool as he'll at heart or
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  10. It seems that Mr. James has "healthy" confused with "high protein". I would hesitate to call chicken, tortilla chips, and a bunch of dairy health food.

    I have perfected a keto recipe that is almost identical to this one, and I believe it is actually quite healthy. Instead of chips or bread, I cut up large carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower to use a dippers, and they are so tasty. You could use whatever vegetable you want, but I think those are the best. Optionally, you could bake the vegetables with a little oil and seasoning for added flavor. I sometimes put half a diced avocado in with a single serving of the dip. Adds a nice fresh flavor, and great keto macros. Tossing some spinach in works great when reheating in the microwave as well.

    1. Cube an 8 oz block of full fat cream cheese and throw it in your crock pot.
    2. Do the same with an 8 oz block of regular cheese (cheddar, jack, and mozzarella work best)
    3. Toss in about 1-1/2 cups of full fat greek yogurt
    4. Toss in ranch packet (they make ones specifically for greek yogurt, I just buy the cheapest ones for this recipe)
    5. Toss in about 3/4 bottle of Frank's buffalo sauce (I have substituted other hot sauces and even salsa, but Frank's is king)
    6. Take the entire chicken, skin and all, and process it by hand to make sure you get all the bones and cartilage out. It only takes about ten minutes and you can munch on your favorite parts as you go along.*
    7. By the time your chicken is shredded, your crock pot ingredients should be nice and melt-y. Go ahead and stir everything in together, cover, and cook for an additional 15-20 minutes.
    8. DIP DIP DIP.

    The dip by itself comes out to 2,795 calories. Fat: 1,647 cals, 59%; Protein: 1,048 cals, 37%; Carbs: 100, 4%

    *Alternatively, you can start by filling the bottom of your crockpot with raw chicken breasts and/or thighs, letting them cook for about 4 hours on high, then shredding with forks. Then follow the steps, skipping step 6.

  11. What 10 people is that going to feed, baby? C'mon, it's buffalo chicken dip. Nobody is going to just have a regular portion. Maybe 4 people. Maybe… Lol!!! Just saying it's too good to eat a little bit.


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