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  1. Want to say a lot of good info from his vids. Had some good luck from his aprox 2000 cal meal prep vid. I inquired and asked him could he formulate a meal plan with his macro and caloric profile for fat loss/muscle building using foods from the whole 30 philosophy. He replied that that in his opinion the whole 30 was a fad to make money and he wouldnt want to put his name on it. I was stumped and tried to get him to clarify his position as he had employed carb cycling, intermittent fasting, ketogenic dieting and his latest short lived attempt was using whole foods in place pf meal replacements protein powders etc. The whole 30 is whole foods with the exception of dairy and grains basicaly what his new clean diet consisted of minus those exceptions. I dont see where using whole 30 foods on a 8wk meal plan would be considered any more of a fad than what he has been doing. There is a plethora of food choices in the whole 30. Opinions?

  2. Definitely want more vids like this, spend most of my working life in hotels in the oilfield, don't always have a way to cook other than the microwave that comes in most rooms, inexpensive meals and prep is what I need, keep up the good content!

  3. Great videos…been playing catch-up and really enjoy your channels content. I find I drink a lot of my overall calories in the form if sodas, juices, etc…I have cut most of that out the last few weeks. With that said, I hate water but drink it as I know it's an absolute necessity. My question is what can a person drink OTHER than water for health and fitness? With so much artificial junk out there it's hard to know what is best. I've seen lots of food shopping but no beverage info. Any recommendations? Thanks. 🙂

  4. Remington James what do you suggest for someone that needs to eat 3000 calories a day at 5 or 6 meals a day when i have to go to work and don't have a microwave to heat up the meals i prepared? Thanks.

  5. hey how's it going Remington!!! I'm a 16 year old kid whos in high school atm. I'm 6'3 around 250. I try to meal prep some meals to eat in the school day but I just cant get some of the meals since I'm in the middle of classes I'm trying to lose weight maybe to get 215. that's my goal, but its just hard to eat little 6oz chicken with some rice through out the day if you could make a video addressing kids in high schools whos trying to put on muscle and lose fat for meal prep id really appreciate that so much. most like snacks throughout the day that's and easy to eat.

  6. Tinned Tuna and a bag of fresh spinach is the ultimate on-the-go lunch. Chuck it in a bowl and scoff away. If you don't have a bowl or plate you can just grab a bunch of leaves and wrap some tuna in it.

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  8. does their training effect the brain? do these guys actually think mustard and other sauces has no sugar because it says so? do you know what kind of replacements they use instead of sugar? please don't be fooled its worse than sugar. ohhh and its definitely not 0 calories.

  9. What your opinion on people that place high importance on grass fed/free range/organic/non gmo foods? Makes me feel guilty for shopping at a standard grocery store like kroger or real canadian super store (Canada).


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