My top 3 strategies for correcting muscle imbalances and asymmetries. These tips apply to anyone with one pec, bicep, lat or glute bigger than the other!

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Filmed at Body and Soul Gym in Kelowna, BC – my favourite 24 hr gym in the Okanagan!


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Filmed and edited by me and Rashaun R using Final Cut Pro X and Sony A6500

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About me: I’m a Canadian natural pro bodybuilder and internationally-qualified powerlifter with a BSc in biochemistry/chemistry and a passion for science. I’ve been training for 12 years drug-free. I’m 5’5 and fluctuate between 160 lbs (lean) and 180 lbs (bulked).


Disclaimers: Jeff Nippard is not a doctor or a medical professional. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk. Jeff Nippard will not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of information contained in this video including but not limited to economic loss, injury, illness or death.

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  1. I'm right handed and I can get a better squeeze out of my right bicep like you propose AND it is the stronger side, but my left bicep has better devleopment. JEFF Y IS DIS

  2. Hi thanks for your great videos .ive had my left shoulder pain for 3 years .would you advice me how to fix it please .i can describe deep sharp pain around my bicep and shoulder which comes and goes .plus tightness .thank you

  3. I have very minor scoliosis, not severe enough to require any treatment. Still, my left lat is definitely not as developed as my right. My right lat, aka my dominant side, can be flexed much harder and I can feel and see the muscle much farther down my back and side. I can hardly flex my left lat properly, it doesn't go down nearly as far and I really have a hard time getting a mind muscle connection with it. Is this due to scoliosis or just me favoring my dominant side? When I do pull ups I always feel more tension on my right side even when trying to shift it to the left.

  4. I have uneven shoulder / chest my right side is smaller than my left … now with that being said, I am dominant on my right and always focused on my left for that reason. Now I focused on it a little to much and haven’t even treated my dominant (ride side) the same… so now I’m working on that. Thanks for the help Jeff !

  5. Reeeaaally appreciated this video. I've always had my stronger arm lagging behind my weaker arm for some weird reason. I tried the 10-second flex and could really feel a difference in my lifts during the workout and post-workout. Love your videos. I have experienced a lot of improvements in my lifts and physique since using your tweaks to my workouts.

  6. I don’t think anyone can answer this for me but hopefully someone knowledgeable will see this… my right trap is way smaller than my left trap. My right trap tendons are also way tighter than my left side. I use my right shoulder more than my left for assisting in lifting heavy curls or something similar. Does anybody know why this is? I’ve tried stretching and doing shrugs on just my right side but nothing has fixed it. I hate seeing this imbalance in the mirror. Why is my right side so much smaller than my left? Is this from a long time of just bad form?

  7. I feel like my entire right side is noticeably bigger than my left side. I've only worked out for 2 months so i find this really strange.. Gonna try out these tips. Thanks Jeff.

  8. I realize this is a 6 month old video but I have an issue where my left peck is fuller/thicker/larger than my right peck. (Muscle wise) My tricep on my right side is also slightly smaller than my left. My left lat is slightly smaller than my right lat. (Right side is my dominate side) Here is the weird thing though. When doing 1 armed push ups I can do them noticeably easier with my right hand than my left. I video my training sessions pretty often and I use to have an imbalanced form when doing dips (tricep targeted dips) in which my left arm wouldn't bend as much and I would lean more towards my right side. I have since corrected this but I can't seem to figure out why my right Tricep AND Pectoral muscle is smaller than my left even though it seems to be the stronger side. For chest I have been doing mostly Isolateral work using gymnastic rings and only just started doing bilateral work 2 weeks ago with 1 handed push ups. Any thoughts on why the size difference? It's really got me stumped. Is my left peck somehow compensating for my left lat in some way or something else entirely?

  9. Aahhh this is what I have been looking for! I have this weird shoulder imbalance and it’s definitely because of the mind muscle connection and not using unilateral movements. Thank you for this!

  10. I now use one handed grips for lat pulldown, they enable me to get my elbows more behind me, then lower the weight and do some one handed left handed pulldown to work my weaker side more.
    My whole left side is a lil behind my right due to weakness from multiple sclerosis, but im gettin there.


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