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  1. Makaveli is the only youtuber with the best motivational vids. I alweys weit like a fin to a needle for his new vids. Fkn beast mode!!! Thank you for the motivation bro

  2. Fuck yeah, there's nothing like another motivational video from Makeveli that'll bring you up, I was told by another hater out there that my muscles are fake, PLEASE! just because I've been putting in work naturally for years. Lazy people just don't understand the meaning of "hard work". For anybody out there that's putting in the hard work in the gym keep fucking pushing and don't stop. Thanks for another inspiring video Makeveli

  3. Man i just turned 50 this week. Been livin down here in south fla since my divoece where the bitch stole everything $$$ and broke me down. Now im livin in south fla and workib out every fuckin day and eatin right and livin right savin $$ Thank God for these vids that keep me motivated hungry and angry. I channel these guys motivation to make me be the best fuckin version i can be !! Inow i look great for a guy of 50 when everyone else my age is fucjin fallin apart im gettin stronger and better! MGTOW and workin out !!
    Being the best i can be ! Thanks for your vids

  4. Such an awesome video. ¿Does any one knows the number (s) of the MFCEO podcasts from which the audio of this video was extracted? I will appreciate your help, this audio on this video is pure gold.

  5. Cooles Video, zum Glück kann man den Ton ausmachen, denn dieses dumme Geschwätz nervt, sein lieblingswort " fucking " kann er sich sonst wo hin schieben ! Wie primitiv kann man sein !!!

  6. 100% I'm sick and tired of everyone in society, just bitching and moaning and criticizing and nobody doing something about their problems. Just do something, don't just do nothing! Do something even if it fails. People see a crisis, but they don't respond. Problems increase and the situation just deteriorates and deteriorates and deteriorates and nobody does anything. It's never-ending in society. I'm 45 and I have learned the hard way not to rely on anyone, not even close family.


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