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  1. The hardest part isn't the training or even the eating its the ability to not train as frequently when you love training because a part of being a bodybuilder so train every session like your last and rest like you cant wait for the next

  2. This work they talk about goes for everything worth doing in life. Everyone wants this or that but no fucker wants to do the hardwork needed to achieve it. Then you end up becoming a hater. A weak minded fucker. A cunt!

  3. Getting ready to go into Planet Fitness where 99% of the people there are there to only use their cellphones, text and update their newest Instagram.
    I'm the hardest worker in the room and that will never change…

  4. This gave me chills. I always told myself that I need to “punish” myself in the gym and even though it sounds weird that drives me to go as hard as I can and go until I I physically can’t anymore. A lot of people ask me for advice on the gym and I’ll give it to them but I always let them know, “I can tell you everything you need to know but I can’t make you want it and I can’t make you put in the effort”

  5. Tom platz looking like a knackered Mel Gibson now. While I like platz intensity I cannot do with all the crashing of the weights and half reps imagine trying to train next to that!
    But watch the shadows intensity. Still just as intense but dorian had control of the weights. Yates took it to another level as well as being huge he was granite hard and had a grainy density.
    Both are legends tbough

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    So it’s life!!!!!!!!!
    Fuck excuses
    I lost everything everything except my health!
    Fuck death took my cousin
    my wife divorced me
    She has a tumor
    My mom has a tumor
    Lost my job
    Fuckkkkkkkk excuses
    Fuck this storms
    I’m coming out of them
    I know it’s life it’s just part of it.
    Fuck excuses.
    I’m going to become a Police Officer
    I’m in good health!
    God First !

  7. The only thing about going all the way….past failure and what not….is even dorian tore things….which makes you not be able to do any of it ever again.

    I appreciate the motivation of …you gotta be a machine….you gotta push through.

    But the human body is not a machine. It's a biological one. Things burn out, get torn etc. Now you can workout at all….and your later years like ronnie are screwed.

    I think Mike O hearn has it right how much can you do to stimulate the muscle and get out. I wanna do this stuff in my 60s and 70s….I'm not looking to blow myself out for 15 years…then stop and never do it again….and tell ppl how big and crazy I was in the gym.

  8. I promised myself and I gave my word to people I can’t go back on it and be a fucking failure. I have the work ethic and desire I must do this so bad I am willing to die for it. Fuck these Instagram models. I will be famous for my bodybuilding boxing and acting I will be another Arnie and Franco. Be intense my photo of my bodybuilding peak will be in gyms one day.


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