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  1. Peace and blessings.

    2 weeks ago I purchased a $50 juicer at Walmart…worked perfect… but when I went to clean it the strainer was stuck…3 people tried to pull the strainer without breaking it but to no avail and the said thing, I had thrown the receipt away that means I couldn't return it.

    2 days later I bought a blender for $25 loved it….same day I broke it when I put frozen whole bananas and strawberries without putting in any liquid.

    4 days later, I bought the same blender like yours when I took it out of the box I hesitated in using it because it looked like it was not sturdy and I though the plastic pitcher would crack easily. well so far my luck is holding up I use this blender 3 times
    a day and I am very happy with it but not happy that I spent about $100 in a week because of my sweet tooth.
    5/11/18. 9:59 AM


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