Please re-rack your weights after use.

HUGE thanks to Pac Fitness (Prosper) and Tom Muehlenbeck Center (Plano) for letting us be these annoying people in your gym!

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  1. Bowling stereotypes

    Mr.Excuses (Makes excuses when he makes a bad play)
    The Thrower (Throws the ball, but doesn’t roll it)
    Strike Master (gets a strike almost every time)
    Arcade guy ( doesn’t bowl, he goes to the arcade)
    The Dancer (dances to the music)
    The guy who uses bumpers
    The speed tracker ( checks how fast his or her ball went every time)
    The slow roller( rolls his or her bowling ball really slow)
    The TV watcher (pays no attention to the bowling and watches the tv at the bowling alley)
    The guy who runs then rolls the ball (runs from the worker’s desk to the bowling lane then rolls the ball)
    The bad bowler ( always getting gutter balls, or knocking down only one pin)
    The guy who wants to get one hundred points
    Rage monster( gets 99 points and not 100, and everyone else gets 100)
    Arcade game scam (arcade guy try’s to do that arcade claw machine where you can get iPhones and stuff, and fails multiple times)
    The chatty receptionist (chats with everyone)
    The guy who picks a specific ball
    The celebration( someone gets 120 points and goes crazy and brags about it)
    I’ll add more in the future


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