The Godfather of Bodybuilding has a few tricks up his sleeve as he runs Mark through a couple of his favorite movements.


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  1. I see it in my gym, guys working 30% the muscle, 70% their ego, i leave them alone, i only advice to those i care about enough to save them time and money by showing them how it's done.

  2. This stuff is fony…its junkwork…you'll find this stuff easily on any machine…and most of the techniques can be applied when using cables because you have flexibility on how you are positioned as opposed to machines where youre forced to sit a certain way…and the most effective place to find orientation design techniques is aerobics…use handweights sticks swords knives balls or just experiment with aerobic or gymnastic excercise…for calesthenic techniques you'll find the same thing..what makes it a bad idea in the gym? Youre using weight to experiment…so you have to be careful and alot of experimental movements should be done with full range of mobility and no weight…because they are actually rehabilitation techniques and machine efficiency and repair checks for joints…so you wanna be careful with this stuff…at most I would say just experiment with inward and outward hand positions…thats as far as you should go until youre more experienced and I wouldn't go trying to put alot of forced movement in the rear shoulder without some serious experiece…you can seperate your….well…just ask a doctor…you don't need to injure yourself…if youre willing to pay a few bills you can get service to help coax your joints and muscles to cooperate and cooberate how flexible they are and you will only need to lift and excercise to achieve the flexibility you need and all together will increase beyond your original state of mobility if you're being fair and having success with your muscles…they help motivate body logic…and that logic should always be respected and treated with don't want to injure yourself…it should always be motivated…not endured…you want to stay on the positive side…not the negative…

  3. None of this shit is worth a shit – Ronnie and Jay didn't need this shit and they beat everyone he trained ever and flex wheelchair even had better genetics than Jay and ronnie

  4. I use to love when Glass would work the pros in the magazines. They would all say he is about the performing exercises at different angles. Working the muscle and tweaking it in a different way taxed the muscle and made it grow. He needs a book or video series to pass all his knowledge on to the next generation

  5. I just wish that this humble guy remains in good health. Very few people left in this world who have shiny eyes seeing others succeed. He is one of a kind. My salute to you SIR. Be healthy


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