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  1. Gordon is probably on 250mg-300mg Test, 3iu-5iu HGH, maybe Anavar/Tbol, maybe Deca/NPP, probably loads of BPC-157 and TB-500. I am 100% in support of responsible PED use in Grappling.

  2. he's right… most people arnt going to compete at the highest level.. because most people dont juice up… they just need to clean up the sport. It'd be good if he advocated and campaigned with caio terra against steroid use. That would alleviate some doubt on his level of… intake…

  3. When they start putting jujitsu skills in a needle we can all start talking about steroids and if someone is using them or not anyone of us in this comment section could do every steroid on the planet and Gordan would still Destroy all of us in the comment section

  4. A very legit point. If EVERYONE is taking them at the highest level, and there is no testing, he would be at a disadvantage taking them. Look at Tex, Cyborg, Sanchez, and many others. The best way to beat a 200+lb juice head is to be a 200+lb juice head. With better skill!

  5. 1. Isnt happy with people who accuse him of using steroids 2. Essentially admits to using steroids 3. Trains twice a day 7 days a week 4. Fails the "eye test"…

  6. So it's ok to do steroids as long as you accomplish something (?) and because others haven't accomplished something from peds then they don't get to state the obvious. That is some serious, Lance Armstrong level rationalization.

  7. Absolutely insane to think that a top-level athlete pretty much does the same workout I first did starting out at 17. You'd have thought he'd have a sport specific s&c programme with dynamic exercises or at least throw some compound lifts in there.


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