17 Year old Jerks 155lbs at a girls weightlifting meet! This Was At a Powerlifting meet in High School! I was in the 139lbs weight class! Watch How I lift this clean and jerk like a champ!

What Was your Favorite lift in high school? And what Is your Current Favorite? Do you still workout? Leave your response in the Comments below www.lancengi.com

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  1. @MrRuiz602 Well I started my 2nd year of High school and I am in 12th grade in this video… So almost 3 years.
    My best advice is to not let you mind tell you that you can do the weight. Lifting is a mental game for me.

  2. I rarely do powerclean/jerk because it's more of a power lifting lift and doesn't isolate a single muscle… it's fun to do, just i bodybuild and it's rarely used. my point is… i can bench 315 and squat 385… but i can only powerclean 160 lbs LOL.

  3. @noobhealz402 lol, in bodybuilding they dont really matter but if you wanted to be strong and explosive and not just pretty, you could pull a few exercises out of these to really increase gains

  4. I couldn't stop laughing for 5 minutes when I read your comment. I know others won't/don't find it that funny, but to me I just couldn't stop..haha good one 😉


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