1. Good question, It is very risky to go that deep with a heavy load (thats what she said) at least for me it is because I am an in-experienced "powerlifter". I do this to train my legs to not limit their range of motion in a state of exhaustion, like in the video.

  2. Hey great videos man, ur teaching me a lot. I have one q…how do u bench press without a spotter? I usually bench with dumbells bc of the fear of no one to help me. Any advise on benching with no spotter?

  3. Hi Aj
    I am going to play in a soccer club in about two month. so that I am going to the gym, can you tell me what to do to get endurance and a little bit pure muscle(fitness) . I am 170 cm and 60 kg my muscle do appear very well but I want it to be a little bit bigger.
    Thnx in advance.

  4. AJ you have such a sexy voice :'), lol girls must love it when you talk to them, I could listen to that voice all day you could tell me to do anything and id do it <3 :'D

  5. I was wondering which types of equipment is better for you overall? Free weights, Cable machines, or machines? I've heard that machines are bad because it teaches no stability and it puts stress on the muscles and someone told me you could use machines only if your sculpting. Unless you are a bodybuilder machines are fine. Let me know Arj! thanks!

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