Take a look at 15 year old “RAGING” Gage McAllister! Oh my soul this guy is impressive to say the very least. I am pleased to be the first channel to introduce this guy to the bodybuilding public. Here is hoping nothing but the best for this teenage prodigy.


  1. I was bigger and better at 15, after half year training. Now I am as you see in the picture, at 40. I was even bigger on creatine and more proteins and heavy weights (around 26 years). Yes, natural.

  2. Yes but with a beard like that he must have already matured with puberty for quite a while .. I hit puberty at 17 , had my first chin hair at 21 ,, I now have a super full beard so it's not bad genetics in my case but late puberty, in this guys case it must have been 11-12, having said that yes ! Still super impressive

  3. Dont get it how can you be impressed with this physique, fuck when I was 15 I could smoke this kid and lee priest out of a competition. But I dont boust about it, and that's probably why I wasent recognized, so that begs me the question why would you recognize this kid, rather then the real bodybuilding prodigy's before and present?


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