Nick Walker joins the Real Bodybuilding Podcast for Ep.62 to describe his win, how he’s feeling and his plans moving forward as a new IFBB Pro.



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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro

01:21 – How do you feel after winning?

04:44 – Nick’s bbing history?

16:54 – New coach, new methodology.

20:33 – Fixing your waist.

23:46 – Support system; family.

27:45 – Social media presence.

34:25 – Thoughts about pro competition.

37:22 – Whats it like living the bbing lifestyle?

39:50 – Letting go of exercises that don’t work?

45:23 – Girlfriend and competition rituals.

55:15 – Offseason.

1:00:21 – Cheat meals.

1:03:15 – Future Mr.O?


  1. Thanks Fouad as always and special thanks to nick for talking about what he feels like if someone messes up a Bodybuilders timeframe of eating. I immediately clipped that part and send it to all my close relatives hahhahahhah

  2. Found should compete am sure you are better than you think even older version should motivate you even more especially for all of the older BB’s that would show that age is just a number Go compete and show the best you don’t try to compete against your your self be glad and blessed that you are able to!!!

  3. Great podcast as usual but fuck man quit doubting yourself and commit.People know what you can do how you can bring size and condition.If anyone takes you lightly they will place behind you for sure!This show can’t come quick enough haha

  4. Hahahaha I like this guy but his sound advice is quite contradicting since he is aiming to win his first O in two years.. if he can keep his waistline in check, it’s a possibility that within the next 5 years he could win one but who knows… good luck to the guy and great interview Fouad! Do the Cali pro, you won’t know until you try man….

  5. The early bird gets the worm again" king of interviews strike first strike hard no mercy
    Stay Hosstile…this kid seems like nothing I anticipated, nice and well spoken – never judge a book by its cover

  6. Fouad you are absolutely killing it, loving that all the content is centered around what is currently happening in Bodybuilding, showing the fans exactly what they want to see. Thank you for all the effort you put into it!

  7. I have a suspicion that this guy will not be the greatest bodybuilder of all time. Although he's coming up at the right time. There's very little competition out there. The current crop are all knocking on the door of 40, or older.

  8. great interview as usual Fouad, really love your podcast, I listen to it while driving to work everyday lol. I like what Nick said about what doesn't work for you just drop it and keep the exercises that really work. makes so much sense and he proved it.

    Another question, for competitors before going on stage. Is it a good idea to take pump supplements like your bloodshot to help the pump last longer while on stage? My wife will participate her first bikini show and I'm also thinking about doing a show and we are both first-timers for competing. Thank you so much Fouad.

  9. Hi Fouad, great Channel and I love the content. Can I suggest that you interview John Hansen he is a Natural Olympia/Historian and Has the Legends of Bodybuilding podcast. I think it would be interesting to compare and contrast old school versus new. It would also introduce your viewers to the history of bodybuilding …

  10. "I wanna get along with anyone"….. "Big Ramy is just that,,, big"… wtf…. how about stand on the pro stage first…. then see how you stack up…… and then fire shots at one of the top pro's in the world. In my opinion, Dallas was way bigger and better than Nick and he couldn't beat Ramy….


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