ARM BLASTER GYM CLOTHING & APPAREL a Vintage Genetics member with unique perks! hammer lat pulldown4 feeder setsworking set #1: 8-12 repsworking set #2: 15-20 repsWide-grip seated row2 feeder setsworking set #1: 8-12 repscluster set: 4 rounds of 4 reps with 8-10RMSeated rope row1 feeder setworking set #1: 8-12 repsworking set #2: 15-20 repsIncline prone dumbbell row1 feeder setworking set #1: 8 repsworking set #1: 12 repsUni-lateral smith shrugs3 sets: 10-12 repsEz-bar arm blaster curls sets: 10-12 repsConcentration curl2 sets: 10-12 reps (last set with forced reps)Classic & Personalized Workout and Nutrition Plans? Contact me: for plant-based diets!)Instagram@WesleyVissers



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