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The full snatch is a full-on Olympic movement. If you ever watch Olympic weightlifting you’ll see this as one of the two competitive lifts performed. It engages the entire body, and is one of the most useful, yet most technical movements you can perform.

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  1. @dgwear69 its like a leap from the top quad touching your lower belly, dipping under, pushing your elbows out, bar across your shoulders, front squatting up. Thats how I look at it. Add more to it or less if I made a mistake. lol

  2. No offense to this video while the snatch has a lot ofpotential to really work out many many different muscle groups since it is part of the bulgarian exercise routine, it also looks really dangerous I mean that bar could seriously whack him in the face or something…. and if the form was done wrong he could pull out his back or tear something in his legs and all that just to workout a few muscle groups at once? Honestly I'll pass.

  3. I was just looking this up because I'm trying to find a new workout to get into but I never have been a fan of those explosive jerking movements I see in exercises like that.

  4. @jonnyc0ckman is it really possible to be that small? My friend is 5'4" and never worked out before and she got 135 lol just work at getting stronger and ull get 'er done 😉

  5. I tried doing this earlier, as I was lifting the bar, and bending down into a squat, I held the bar too close to me so the weight was pushing me back. I fell back a bit and hit the freezer in my garage. Good thing I was standing right next to it.

  6. Idiotic exercise…and yes its mostly the crossfit idiots who do this..real bodybuilders and strength trainers isolate muscle groups with simple exercise and work that shit for a couple hours..this is nonsense


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