1. I think I read one of your posts onetime explaining your heart condition and how sometimes it's genetic and other times it's from a virus or something? can you explain? because basically I wanna spark a debate about weather or not your food choices have played any kind of role in you getting your heart condition. As you're probably already aware of a lot of people in the fitness industry are adobting a vegan diet. If you're still here after I mentioned vegan, kudos to you my friend. More and more information are getting out there, most notably is how meat especially red meat is linked with heart disease. What's your take on that? I mean the science is there. While I haven't looked into some of the claims myself I think it would be wise for someone in your situation to look into it. They even claim a vegan diet can not only prevent heart disease but also reverse heart disease. Is that something you would ever consider? For some reason a lot of people get offended when veganism is mentioned, so please don't.

  2. Most of your previous workout videos seem that you do a 4 day split, is this true? if so do you possibly have a link to what you are doing currently? My goals are the lean Model look and I have always admired your style. Thanks buddy Glad to see you doing well.


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