Got a lot of questions regarding what I eat during an entire day so I thought I’d make a full day of eating video in Hindi for my Indian brothers out there! This is what a typical day looks like when I’m bulking or trying to gain weight. I’m a student just like most of you watching this video & everything I ate here is on a budget, easily affordable for any middle class family person! And most of the meals that I ate can easily be prepared at home or you can eat them in your college canteen (with the exception of a few things that you might have to buy like: bread, peanut butter, eggs, oats)
Are Carbs bad for you? Should you eat rice at night? NO, carbs aren’t bad for you and when you eat what doesn’t matter too much. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is your total calorie intake at the end of the day. Nothing is more important that food and nutrition when you’re trying to transform yourself. If you’re an skinny and if you have a fast metabolism, I feel you, it’s extremely difficult for an ectomorph to put on muscle mass and weight, but don’t let that discourage you! Put in the effort to eat food, prepare your meals if no one’s there to make food for you, sacrifice a bit of fun time, put in that extra effort!
Thank you for watching!

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This is a DIRTY BULKING diet, for FAST and QUICK weight gain, as the title says. You can expect some insane strength and weight gain if you’re on a powerbuilding program

Whey Protein:

Creatine Monohydrate:

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Meal 1
80g Oats + 2 Bananas + 500ml Milk + 2 tbsp Honey (Calories: 873, 139C 23F 27P)

Meal 2
4 whole eggs + 8 slices of bread (a slice weighs 23.7g) (Calories: 800, 140C, 36F 48P)

Meal 3
300g Rice + Yellow Dal (did not measure) (Calories from rice: 390

Meal 4
4 Aloo Parathas (1316 Calories, 249C, 24F 37P)

The Midnight Snack
250ml milk + 2 bread slices + 2 tbsp peanut butter (Calories:500, 54C 28F 22P)

Total Calories- 3800, 650C, 90F, 145P

A big thank you to Fit Minds, Yash Anand, Yash Sharma Fitness, Abhinav Mahajan, and other big names in the Indian fitness industry for inspiring me to make this YouTube channel. This is a new beginning and I hope this channel helps y’all and guides you guys to achieve that physique that you’ve always dreamt of having in your mind. Love you guys x


  1. today is the first day i have seen ur youtube channel
    i love you work brother
    i have recently started working out it been like 20 days
    i wish app ek video beginner Ke liye banaye
    how should he/She workout as a beginner

  2. aisa lagta hai jaise kisi bache ki sakal pe kisi bodybuilder ki body set ki di ho..yr jo natural body jaisi hai teri waisi hi clikbait use kiya kr.. ye camera trick sahi ni hai..

  3. Bhai saket Tjhe correct nutrition K baare mein Sahi knowledge nhi hai bhai…white rice is strictly prohibited for a guy lyk us who are crazy about fitness Bhai bura mat maniyo meri baat ka Ye fitness science hai….nd m studying it….

  4. Bro I am watching all your videos, and I am currently weighing 49.5 kg and wants to be 65 I installed myfitness pal and healthify app both shows different values for calories can you just check it out and ahow the difference to us!!

  5. Hey bro ,, hama re ghor ke as pas koyi jimm nehi he .. to meri liye iss time pe konci workout app accha ra age 16-17.. muje bi body banana he apke tarai…plss,,reply me.!!

  6. Brother when you eat whey protein/supplement And i have one question after how many months should i start taking whey protein/supplement after starting gym ?

  7. Hey saket ,i saw ua video last week and start following weight is 53 kg and my height is 5 .6 i just started running in morning and normal push-up and pull-ups ..i wanna gain weight till November plz if u could help me wt good diet plan…and main challenge with me is i dont like to eat much


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