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Hi Guys! Welcome back to my channel. In this video I have shared my full day of eating for Indian body building, high protein vegetarian diet plan and everything you need to know about Vegan protein powder. As we all know protein is essential in building bones and body tissues but not everyone gets adequate amount of protein especially vegans. So what is the best source of protein for vegans? Watch the entire video to know about plant based protein powder, natural protein powder, protein powder for weight gain, protein powder for weight loss, etc.
I recommend Kapiva’s Vegan Protein Powder which is a complete nutrition support that is entirely plant-based and gluten-free with a complete amino acid profile. This natural powder does not contain any artificial preservatives. It provides 70% of protein to aid in protein-deficient vegetarian diets. Enriched with rice and pea protein, this wonder drink is yummy and healthy with all the essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and proteins which help make your body strong and healthy

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  1. Bro mai home workout jaise Push up, bycep,lunges exercise karta hu but mera muscles size mai jra bhi fark nhi arha hai bulki mera face aisa ho gya hai jaise mai bhut bimar hu mujhe post workout mai kya laina hoga aap mera diet plan bna doge kya apka wtsp number plzz send me


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