Follow along as IFBB Pro and Redcon1 athlete, Antoine Vaillant, takes us through a full day of eating as a professional bodybuilder. His daily calorie intake is regularly 4350 calories, and can be even higher depending on the body part he’s training that day!

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  2. How about "a full day of injecting artificial Testosterone into my arse cheeks because i ain't man enough to create my own T" i think that would be cool to watch !

  3. Why dont body builders utilize the Aajonus Vonderplanitz diet they could get way bigger due to more efficiency and be 100% healthy and plus keep their hairline. On the Vonderplanitz diet you literally grow younger rather than older as time goes on since you are building your cells with healthy efficient cells which promote endurance and performance because when the human body is working efficiently the blood basicaly only carries oxygen where it needs and there are no superfluous things getting the way of digestion and growth because there is no toxic byproducts from every cooked meal being introduced into the system. The diet he follows consists of 50% raw fat and 50% raw protein and before some pleb says CARBS!!!!!?? its basically keto your body easily makes energy oput of fat but you dont get the drawbacks of having to digest cooked fats and proteins which are toxic for the body and things such as cooked oils cake the inside of the body with hard to remove plaque which eventually leads to organ failure and disease when the lymphatic system starts slowing down due to congestion. When the body cannot get rid of dead tissue fast enough it starts to quarantine it into tumors. 50% of Cancers leave on their own despite any changes in diet and no medical intervention but he found that he had a reversal rate of 97% in his patients who stuck to the diet long enough to see positive effects. Everyone experiences the negative drawbacks of regular cooked food that is why there are so many allergies and mental problems and disease today in society all due to ignorance of real food health. The standard american diet (SAD) diet is so toxic that human lifespans are almost halved because of it leading to rates of death around 80 -100 years but tribes throughout the world lived till 150 on average eating raw meat so imagine with todays information and medical innovations there is no reason we cant live till 200. Every 7 years your body cycles its cells and it takes roughly 5 generations of this to remove all the remaining toxicity within the body after eating raw meat for years but the rewards are immense since you can beat any disease just by eating raw meat and by staying as far away from a hospital as possible. When they recomend something do the complete opposite 99% of the time and you will be fine.

  4. Enjoy your muscle gains while you can. Climate change is coming to destroy our food supplies and civilization and we will soon be reduced to skeletons clawing for scraps out of garbage heaps. Happy Halloween!

  5. Eating sleep train. And nut. You need to nut as a body builder. I nut between 3 and 6 times a day. It acts as an excess protein and fructose ejection system. My girlfriends don’t complain either. They love body builder oysters.

  6. This is not for the average Joe, because he shots steroids, and the sign is the low fat intake and he can skimp on it because he didn't need his body to produce testosterone.
    800 calorie meal with 3grams of fat… common


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