Steve Weatherford performs this full-body workout that focuses on building strength and power.
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Phase 1 was all about hypertrophy, an aspect of weight lifting that keeps a lot of people coming back to the gym every day. After all, who doesn’t appreciate bigger muscles? Phase 2, however, is going to be a gut check. Instead of building muscle, the workouts now focus on building strength and power.

Many of the exercises in the True Muscle trainer are probably unfamiliar to you, and Phase 2 is no different. In fact, some of the moves you’ll be doing are going to seem flat-out bizarre! Don’t let the cute animal names fool you, though; as Steve Weatherford will attest, they’re much harder than they look.

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You’ll start on a body-part split, but progress to intense full-body training over the course of three phases. You’ll get the coaching you need to improve at classic movements, and learn some game-changing new ones. You’ll love every workout and get plenty of killer pumps along the way, but you’ll also learn a lot that will make you perform better in the weight room for years down the road.

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Watch elite strength coach Nick Tumminello put NFL veteran Steve Weatherford through three intense workouts in real time, and soak up dozens of game-changing tips and techniques in additional video features. Want to know how to eat to back it all up? We’ll show you that, too.

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Steve Weatherford likes to say, “I’m not a football guy who loves fitness; I’m a fitness guy who plays football.” He was drawn into serious training by his love of moving big weights, and just as importantly, looking the part. If you want the best of both worlds, plus through-the-roof athleticism, you want True Muscle.


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  5. I'm in love with this trainer ! I'm taking notes! This is going to add even more dynamism to my programs for my clients. I'll definitely incorporate some of this for myself and my clients.

  6. This was done back in 2015 and is basically taken from MMA trainers. This guy tweaked it a little, but we have come a long way from 2015, although I still see some people in the gym doing these exercises (some are ancient basics that work very well.) This is not a hard core exercise routine. Note: Deadlifts are the most effective exercise you can do for strength and anaerobic conditioning. Additionally, do not ever go to failure as this opens you up to injury and puts a halt to progress. It has been tested and proven that planks of any kind are worthless, so cut them from your training. Strength & Conditioning Coach for University of Hawaii, Pepperdine and individual players/fighters from the NFL/Kickboxing/MMA/UFC.

  7. move the body in a non-injurious way that extends range of motion and apply resistance. soooo, tell me, you CANNOT, ON YOUR OWN, Develop a way, just too move. DAMN!

  8. Umm no . sorry unfortunately there are a lot of trainers that can B.S. their way thru it. Because most people dont know the real . most dont know what they are looking at and what movemnets should be working what . also how to properly move in order to work the target area . not bashing but helping to open eyes .


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