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  1. I knew your mom from school and her passing hit me pretty hard, and made me feel alot more appreciative for life, in general. You are a super tough dude, along with your entire family on how you all are handling this tragedy. God bless.

  2. Dude if you are really dedicated to doing an ironman stop doing hypertrophy strength workouts. You build more than enough muscle. All this FT glycogenic muscle fibre will make you slow. An Ironman is really long. Muscles will not get you to the finish line. I bet you know that.

  3. Your Head Needs to be more stable while swimming and you Need to be way more relaxed. Best thing is to try to just Lay in the water (with good posture of Course) and focus more on your Rotation for breathing.

  4. Also Learn how to put your chain back on fast. Improper shifting causes it to fall off. During my first sprint triathlon my chain came off. Took 15 minutes to fix. I was pissed.

  5. 100 grams of carbs? Why try to use fat as fuel, when the body uses carbs much more effectively. And if your trying to supercompensate, you could just cut carbs a few days before your race and then have a loading day

  6. I recently did a half ironman and went through some of the same issues you're experiencing. Hoping to complete a full ironman within the next 18 months. Still training on the road and in the weight room. Thanks for posting. This is a great follow!

  7. I hope Texas can survive the exodus of people leaving California and incredibly still voting for the same party that turned California into a nightmare of taxes and regulation.


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