Resistance Bands are known for their convenience and portability but how do they compare to free weights when it comes to real muscle building results?
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James Grage is a fitness expert that trains exclusively with resistance bands and in this video he does a side comparison of resistance bands vs free weights, covering the following topics.

| Free Weights Vs Resistance Bands |
1. Can resistance bands get the same results as weights? (0:35)
2. Progressive Resistance as it relates to Progressive Overload (0:55)
3. Which resistance bands does James Grage use? (1:49)
4. Variable Speed of reps (time under tension) (2:31)
5. Training Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers with resistance bands (3:28)
6. Free Range of Movement with resistance bands (3:46)
7. Mechanical Tension of weights vs resistance bands (4:26)
8. Linear Variable Resistance (LVR) with bands (5:22)
9. Resistance in Multiple Planes with resistance bands (8:00)
10. Constant Tension with Resistance Bands (9:47)
11. Freedom to Train Anywhere and Anytime with Resistance Bands (11:16)
12. Comparing cost of gym membership to resistance bands (11:54)

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  1. Be careful with bands over time. The one i had which was heavy resistance, snapped , when i did my cmon bust it to the max thing. So be careful. It snapped and slammed one of my fingers. Took 2 months to get that inflamm out. I like bands for exercises where i dont have the machine. I like weights and bands. Working out is great until you get injured. Back pain is the worst and sets you back…so do stuff gradually.

  2. I put myself in the ground and train with resistance band, which is very good for my spine and my back. Could you please share some exercises in horizontal position? Best regards and thank for your channel.

  3. You forgot the fourth and fifth benefits. They take up less space, and they cost less. I can take them on vacation with me.

    I always feel a better pump with bands because the peak resistance curve matches the muscles peak contraction curve of the muscles.

  4. This guy is the absolute best at teaching how to use bands properly to train. I've noticed recently a significant increase on band related exercises on YouTube by others, so that's saying something.

  5. thanks a lot for great information I go to gym for 3 years I lose about 25 Kg and I got more muscles, now I try using resistance bands, I feel I'm better, but I'm afraid to lose my muscles, you give me positive energy, can I see two photos for you before using this resistance band and after use it … thanks in advanced

  6. This is such a helpful video! I am under home quarantine due to the spreading of Coronavirus and gym is closed. I purchased resistance bands because I am worried about my progress. This tackled all my worries and questions! I'm so excited to kick-start my @ home workouts!

  7. I'm 60 now…been lifting etc for over 45 years…for over 30 years i have believed bands are very good… its just a matter of learning to use them… i just purchased a purple band and a green band and the quality of these bands is incredible… soooo many ways to set them up…also injuries are barely even possible unless a band lets loose and hits you… I have a home gym full of weights and i may just stop using them completely… i am going to pickup up maybe another couple of bands so i have many more resistance options…years ago i was going to build a special bench with various anchor points to attach bands… now that i am pretty good with welding i think its time to build my bench… Bands are incredible for building maxium muscle in fastest time imo…the key is making the right adjustments… $100 worth of bands could replace all your weights..

  8. So I ordered multi band resistance with detachable hand grips and can create up to 150lbs of resistance. I felt so deflated, I didn’t think I could really do a good workout compared to going the gym but with this stupid virus closing my gym for possibly weeks, I felt it was atleast something I could do without investing like $500US to get a basic home gym going. Great to see this video, I really don’t want to invest or waste money on building a home gym which I will almost never use again after all this blows over …

  9. This guys never expected the Coronavirus would be his biggest marketing tool…oh how the cards have turnt..bawahah the age of the band !

  10. I am 62,retired,,this is great advice,,I have been doing cardio almost every day,,fasting 18 hours doing keto,,I want to lose 35 more pds,I have hit a plateau,,I went from 297 pds I am now 200 pds,,would like to get down to 175,,I hope I can figure out how many calories vs protein I need to take in…thank you James Grage.

  11. I started using resistance bands way back when they were springs (old skool). There’s a clear bias against bands by muscle heads. Bands have been more accepted in recent years, and this virus/home workout trend will put them over the top. Home workouts are great, as many will now find out.

  12. but the problem might be that it’s difficult to find an object In our house to anchor the bands to for different exercises……for biceps and shoulders it would be easy to just use our feet, but for other exercises I’m not so sure I can find a reliable anchor object

  13. Thank you very much, I came here knowing almost nothing about res. bands, and you enlightened me, and gave me the curiosity to look into them more, in such a short amount of time!

  14. Corona virus forced me to sell my power rack, free weights, and power block dumbbells. I also had a membership at a 100 per month gym for a year. When my gym closed in march, I was afraid of losing my "gains"(my home equipment was in storage). I broke out my old bodlyastics resistance bands and purchased some loop bands (blue down to red) and some chrome loop handles.

    Let me tell you I have gotten better results with these bands than I did going to the gym. Do I miss the gym? Yes. For the pool, steam room, sauna and basketball court. In the weight room I limited myself to squats, pullups, incline presses, shrugs, calf work mostly. I enjoyed the specialized machines like the real delt/fly machine. I can't speak to the science or resistance curves etc. All I know is my muscles have grown better with bands than I would have ever thought possible. In fact, I would have laughed at you. Prior to this, my bodylastics were for travel and vacations mostly.

  15. Lmfao, this may be an unpopular opinion, but they're NOT the same! Free weights win ANY DAY… Worked out for 2 months in quarantine with bands, bought concrete dumbbells, LOL NOT the same! Support your local concrete dumbbells maker!

  16. what I did start using is a strong stick that serves as a bar. Much easier for instance to do curls, overhead push ups or dead lifts. If I don't use that stick it's very hard on my hands which means I have to either take a lighter band or use some more length to decrease the tension.

  17. I really like resistance bands and been working out with them for the last months, but there is something I believe is a disadvantage that you didn't mention: when the resistance band is less tensioned, which happens at the start of the movement, you don't have much tension. Only at the peak you will get the full benefit of it. With the weights, you get the same resistance through the whole movement, from start to end. For example, if you're squatting using a band to make it harder, when you're at the lowest point, there won't be much additional load, or none at all. You'll begin to feel the tension as you go up and stretch the band. On the other hand, squatting with free weights will generate the same amount of resistance, from the lowest part of the movement to the highest, all along.
    I don't know much about this, I'm just an amateur, but I think it's better in terms of gaining strength and growing muscle if you have the same amount of tension through the whole range of motion (the higher the tension the better, without messing up the form, of course). I mean, it sounds more interesting to me if your body is submitted to the highest pressure it can take, through the whole exercise (bottom up / side to side, etc.), in a constant way.
    I could be wrong, though. Anyone have thoughts on this?

  18. One little mistake: the linear variable resistance makes the tension variable, so it's not constant tension. The resistance of the bands isn't a benefit over weights, but it's not a detriment. It's an alternative way to distribute the force it takes for the move. It shouldn't be weights vs bands, but weights + bands. Weights will often require the most muscle recruitment at the bottom of the exercise (like curls in this video) and bands will often require the most muscle recruitment at the top of the exercise. You should train with both, both at the same time if you have the space / equipment for it. It's better for hitting your muscles.

  19. Can someone please tell me how long these bands last? Assuming you use them 5 days a week for various body parts. I don’t want to cancel my gym membership if I need to buy a set of bands every month

  20. One more advantage of bands I notice is you can adjust the tension a bit during the rep, lets say it's a biceps curl, at some point you realize you are not going to make the rep all the way, you could bend the knee very slightly to reduce the stretching thereby lowering the force the band is exerting just enough to allow you to finish the rep without failure. With some practice you can adjust each rep a little here and there to keep the force just right for what the muscle can do. So it's not a fixed resistance such as a weight or machine gives, so you can get more time with the muscle at its max, speeding up gains.

  21. Bands are suitable for 99% of people and will be enough of muscle most of us want. However for true mass monsters and powerlifting you can't replace free weights. Most guys don't want to look freaky big so the bands are perfect. Most women just want to tone and be firm and fit so bands are ideal.


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