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  2. 1:12 I Always lived by those principles. You never know what kind of problems you avoided by simply not accomplishing your goal. You only see things from your own perspective and that is far from reality. Then when you accomplishing something you see that this thing is nothing at all like you imagine it. Just accept and move on better doors will open for you and it will be even better that you imagine it.

  3. Not to take away from the "open/monsters" guys, but I think honestly think the classic division is going to gain massively in popularity. It's goes back to the "golden era" and far more eye pleasing.

  4. sucks u didn’t do so well the last time I saw you compete for classic. Hope ur training and health go wel enough for u to one day place well there. U look too much like frank to not win a classic physique trophy atleast once lol

  5. Love this! Frank Zane really nailed the look… Not a mass monster, but really the right amount of size, proportions, symmetry and also the body of someone who actually looks athletic with a functional body. These mass monsters are just ridiculous, everyday things seems like hassle, even pooping sucks.

  6. Last year Classic Physique got a lot of attention. Frank is referring to this class I think. This year there was fewer coverage and less videos. I think the organisation and IFBB were afraid that it would be bigger than Men's Open. This kind of politics are bad for the sport. And Men's Open had a lower level than 2018……..

  7. Thank you for these wonderful interviews and giving Frank the publicity he deserves. I've learned so much from this living legend. One thing they need to improve on is the LIGHTING on stage. It is so crappy nowadays that the fans can't see the intricate details anymore. Check out footage of the 2008 Olympia to see what great lighting looks like.

  8. the fitness industry in this video is explained very well by Sadik & Frank everyone wants to get big by taking drugs without the knowledge of nutrition and the passion for body building everyone just wants to take the easy way and expect it to work out without the basic fundamentals


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