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Three-time Mr Olympia, Frank Zane, is not only known as the bodybuilding champion to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger, but many believe him to have had the best-looking physique ever. Today, he’s passing on his tips for physical perfection and a lot more to benefit others in every way.

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  1. of course, ahnoold had not yet realized his full potential at that point; when zane beat him at that universe contest. it was very early on and it may even had been the oak's first contest in the states.

  2. As you can see Frank has lost a lot of muscle as he approaches 77 years old in June.
    This is perfectly natural as muscle loss accelerates into 70s.
    Luckily he is smart enough to know his health is more important so exercises for that.
    I'm 70 and remember doing cheat curls for 3s with 220-230 lbs at 20 years old and thinking today how I was so lucky not to have damaged bicep.
    Like Frank today I exercise with light dumbbells for fitness and speed.

  3. When I was in the Army in the 1970's I was surprised at the number of guys that worked out thought only of Frank Zane as someone to be idolized. Most were not interested in developing a body like Arnold's and felt women appreciated a body like Frank's.

  4. Bought Frank Zane Leg Blaster and i train quads and calves on it ar home. I started to grow. Squats never liked them. Now there is no lower back or knee pain. I feel my quads burning with less weight- it isolates the muscle perfectly.

  5. In my teens or twenties, I could never reach, to where he'd gone., on his worse day. A mind of ideas. Just keeps going and going. Then i turn 50, and he says, "relax!", "it'll come." He is a cool dude.. kick back. Empty the mind. Be a magnet.. hmmm

  6. Another old bodybuilder that looks like shit. That’s what happens when you take steroids from day one. He had no foundation so now he’s gone back to nothing

  7. Great way to put it Zane. The evolution of a lion turns from baby to beast then baby again I'm 47 I see that coming , plus I own that orginal copy of M@f magazine

  8. There are a few athletes in history who's name is almost bigger than sport they participate in, Nicklaus, Palmer, Jordan, Ali, Federer, Senna, Dimagio. Nobody is bigger than the sport or so we are told, all we know is some get closer than other's, Frank is in that elite group.

  9. Seriously he took steroids to build his body advocated a high volume approach like most everyone then and now which leads you to no results trying to build your body drug free . So why then is he considered so great ?

  10. Loved this interview, I learned a lot! I didn’t know much about him before this interview. It’s interesting to see the perspectives of people who have accomplished amazing things in their lives

  11. makes a good point at 12.50 about knowing the most of ur chossen sport by the time ur retire from it. when ur young u have all the energy and desire but none of the know how, by the time you know exstacly what to do ur old and tired and cant do it anymore lol imagen what we could achieve if we had the knollage in the begining. you cant put an old head on young shoulders, such is the irony of life.

  12. Maybe he didnt come from PED's but they were abused in the 70's and 80's bigtime. I was there and it was rampant in football and I knew guys that did it in weight lifting and body building too. It got way more common later but it was pretty big then too. Im not saying hes lying but I dont know how he didnt come upon it back then

  13. BTW he is a really good guy and very articulate and humble. I dont mean to criticize him unfairly, Im just surprised that he said steroids werent around except through prescription(for injury etc.)

  14. Frank Zane, did you notice the Time Stamp of your video 1:01:11, We are all vibrations searching to match each others base line frequintsys, thank you for being you and spreding your vibration and state of consiousness to this wourld.

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