Frank Zane agreed to this special follow-up episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast to give us even more insight into the life of a Mr Olympia icon. He tells us behind the scenes secrets of the Pumping Iron era, Gold’s Gym and working out with Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as how bodybuilders regularly helped each other improve, despite competitive nature.

PART ONE of the exclusive Frank Zane behind-the-scenes of bodybuilding interview. Find PART TWO HERE:

This is the life of a constant creator, improving muscle, music, body and mind.

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  1. I always considered Zane's physique, enhanced or not, to be the most possible to attain, like Steve Reeves, but shorter with more definition. Greatest vacuum pose–ever. Appreciated his cerebral approach to the whole thing. The late Paul DeMayo once said Zane had the intelligence of a gerbil, but that was simply sour grapes. Zane wasn't the biggest–not even close–but it was very hard to find any flaws in the physique he sported during his Mr. O reign.

  2. Never thought his forearms, calves, legs were Olympia quality…he is the original Physique competitor lol needs board shorts…..helped Arnold lol as if… do I get smaller Frank? Or make money lol? Help…..

  3. Thanks for this! Frank Zane is my favorite bodybuilder. I love Arnold, but for my money, Frank Zane had the best body in bodybuilding, ever. It's good to see him healthy, calm, cool and collected at his age. I'm going to watch the other interview now.

  4. Hey dude. I know this is your 2nd interview with the great Frank zane. But, the 3rd time you meet him, ask him really intellectual questions, you must really dig his brain because he is an artist, a guy who focuses on improving his IQ, EQ etc. So, if you ask him howz it like to hang out at Muscle beach, who were ur friends etc in 1950s/60s. I do understand that you're asking him questions but not at his calibre, u r asking him fundamental qns for the sake of social media like a 20s teenage kid ! Here are sample questions: What was your mindset coming in to the 1977 Mr O ? After ur accident following up to the 1980 Mr O, what made you even bounce back ? What made u open Zane haven & make it different from other bodybuilding teachers ?

  5. Look at old Frank Zane compared to old Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie is great but he looks like shit, all his organs are shot, joints destroyed, skin ugly as fuck. Too much steroids. Zane looks amazing even in his late 70's.

  6. 1976 1983 were great years in professional bodybuilding—- the best years….with Frank Zane leading the way. The bad-ass winner of the Mr. Olimpia contest 3 years——- legitimately. Not politically. Frank Zane!!! The WINNER Of the Mr. Olimpia contests 1977-78 & 79. Damn—— Frank Zane is the ruler and badass of all bodybuilders. The master…. of it all.

  7. Arnold Schwarzenegger is all time better than ronnie,but to me I always thought you jay looked better and fuller than ronnie ,I would always message you for advice ,never heard back from you , but you was competing still and I always dreamed of lifting with you .Jay Cutler is best bodybuilder and human being of all times.keep the inspiration,

  8. Frank was my inspiration when I was pumping iron as a teenager in the early and mid 1970's. I didn't like Arnold or franco. Frank Zane was an artist who used his body as a canvas. Ahh, the days of eagerly awaiting the latest copy of "Ironman" magazine…They were good times. I miss the 1970's…


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