2004 olympic games weightlifting


  1. @daplaya41,

    Before they moved from Bulgaria to Turkey, they had already been trained in Bulgaria. Especially Naim, who was a champion already, before he deserted to Turkey… Answer me this question: how much money did Turkey have to pay to the Bulgarian government in order to get permission for Naim to compete for Turkey? It is easy to get a completed athlete and call him your own, but there are people who remember the truth. 😉

  2. @ilian51378
    Mutlu is trained by Ibrahim Elmali(Turk) when he was 10 years old and they moved to Turkey in 1989. Beside all of this, just look at their names, they all are turkish name like suleymanoglu, halil etc.. So stop discussing about where they are trained. They do like Turkey very much and that matters..

  3. @ilian51378 it's not important where you were born in, more important is, as what you feel yourself. He's TURKISH not bulgarian, the power and will he got, was because he was doing this for Turkey.

  4. @ilian51378 my friend, it is a known fact. Suleymanov moved to Turkey and became Suleymanoglu, and Turkish gov had to pay 1000,000$ to bulgarian gov so that he goes to Seuol 1988 for Turkey. After that he changed citizenship completely and his family moved to Turkey too. Also, do not forget, that Naim, at the age of 17 was ready for the 1984 L.A. olympics, but Bulgarians joined this stupid socialist boycott and he couldnt go. HE ALREADY C&J 150kg at that time.

  5. @BayKaramela I am proud of my country, even though not all political decisions the government has made were good ones. The assimilation process was not a good thing and it was done by the communist party. Every country has bad things to account for, not only Bulgaria. With that said though, the so called assimilation cannot even begin to compare to the 500 years of slavery the Turks caused to Bulgarians and many other nations… I have friends from Turkey so I am not against Turkey as a country.

  6. @MrKangalci58 Bulgars being descendants of Turks is only a theory that is convenient to the Turks.There are several other theories about the origin of the Bulgars and I know them all, so please don't try to give me history lessons. Also, everything I wrote in my previous posts is true so take it easy.

  7. @ilian51378 tell me you greek mixed ! did your people found some script of asparuk bulgars ?
    and what was writing ? ohshi gitme gile but with greek alphabet, it is "okçu gitme ile" "okçu ile gitme" in turkish today ! in tataren "ohshu kitme ele " so ! get lose you greek slav mixed ! you are not bulgar ! you are bulgarian pig ! today bulgars are türkic spoken pepople . do you know tatar lang , balkar lang or bashkort lang ? if you dont ! how you can be a bulgar ?

  8. @ilian51378 and befor i forgot !

    okçu gitme ile = archer dont go to city or archer dont go away
    a different type
    okçuyla gitme and okçu ile gitme = you dont go with archer …

  9. @ilian51378 you are manupilated. if turks wanted you would be muslim and speak turkish, but we are good people, thats why nobody got forced. unthankfull human

  10. @tldevilsh What does roided out look like? I mean he looks larger and cut, even for an Olympic lifter, but many bodybuilders are larger and more cut, naturally. I'm not saying he didn't take at some point, but honestly, calling it based on his looks?

  11. @tldevilsh No, I know you as a resident troll who throws out baseless claims and insults, so whenever I see one of those silly comments by you, I feel the need to ask a question concerning it.

  12. All olympic weightlifters at this level take steroids. You simply can NOT be on par with any olympic level olymip lifter without steroids, just like you can't qualify for mr. olympia or WSM without drugs. Steroids don't make you a fraud.

  13. Amazing that a small short man like this has the necessary fast pull at such a short distance as most Olympic lifters that were very short were eliminated after the press was cancelled in 1972.
    Comes to mind the Russian in 114 lb class.

  14. he is not using steroid he stopped with this cuz of the media en ppl like you talking shit without knowing. why would he stop if he was using steroids then he would do for nothing


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