2009 World Weightlifting 77Kg Clean and Jerk


  1. tigran g martirosyans' bio-mechanics seems quite bad. his knees track medially inwards. no wonder his knees are strapped up. i find it quite confusing that some one of such a high level would do that?

  2. @bobbyatopk While it's a good observation his knees are tracking internally. As long as they are tracking internally on the concentric lift of the clean recovery he's going to be safe. Most ACL injuries happen because the knee tracks internally on the eccentric phase of a landing which is not good for the knees. Zhang Guozheng does the same thing again and again and he's never hurt his knees.

  3. @jumar1281 it does look very dramatic indeed – which is why the isometric contraction of the trapezius and rhomboids are crucial to the stability of the shoulder joint. oly lifter spend hours breaking down the stages of the lift to address weaknesses, and oftentimes they find the "catch" as a hot spot for error. as far as danger goes, it can be: but like any compound lift a smart athlete starts light and trains up as he gets stronger. its one of the many reasons why oly lifting is exciting

  4. Compare his build to a natural bodybuiler, whos aim is to build as much mass as possible. Not much difference is there? All on the gear, but it takes nothign away from the dedicaton

  5. sorry I thought you were asking whether it was legitimate or not.
    its just like the rule that says the bar is not allowed to stop anywhere during the lift, and the one that sais that the bottom touching the platform is a no lift. at least this rule makes more sense than the one saying you cannot dump the bar backwards even after a good lift, you get the lift taken away from you


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