Franco Columbu became the first ever Mr. Olympia winner to win the under 200lbs division and also win the overall in 1976. He was also a powerlifter, strongman, boxing champion, Mr. World, Mr. Universe, Mr. Europe, and 2x Mr. Olmypia.

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  1. "Thus David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone, and he struck the Philistine and killed him; but there was no sword in David’s hand. Then David ran and stood over the Philistine and took his sword and drew it out of its sheath and killed him, and cut off his head with it. When the Philistines saw that their champion was dead, they fled." —1 Samuel 17

  2. Franco is an interesting mix of muscle length: relatively short biceps and triceps with incredibly long latissimus dorsi and pectorals. He is certainly one of the greats in the history of Olympia level bodybuilders.

  3. Had Franco been taller, he would have had a more aesthetic physique and would have beaten Arnold. I knew nearly all of those things you mentioned about Franc. I saw his leg give out carrying that refrigerator in that contest on TV.

  4. He once picked a car up in pumping iron film what amazing physique he had more adviced body tgan arny even hate to say it man look at those abs chest and back check out him picking him up the car Nicknevermind u showed the image lol he was completely underrated

  5. I am not terribly impressed by anyone lumbering around moving heavy shit.. seconds away from a stroke or heart attack. Franco was fit as well.. the most impressive video in my opinion is Franco hitting the heavy bag and jumping rope.. amazing !

  6. All I know about Franco Columbu, apart of what's being absorbed from watching this video, is that he was the future-flashback-dream Terminator who mowed down just about everybody in the original Terminator film.

  7. I realize that narrating one of these YouTube videos is not an easy task, there’s a lot to think about. But you owe it to yourself and to your audience to be as prepared and organized as possible. So that you don’t make the mistake that you made at minute marker03:03 Where are you say he was ALSO a “champion bodybuilder” just as the photo of Franco with his boxing gloves on appears on screen. A sentence later you try to recover and then you say boxer but the mistake has already been made. Not a big one I’ll grant you. I caught it others will catch it too and it makes your presentation sloppy. Then again at minute marker 05:04 you say that he takes a short hiatus from bodybuilding actually a long hiatus. Well, which is it? Long or short? Sheesh just lack of focus and sloppy. So before I get flamed I’ll say that I enjoyed the video and especially the pictures. I have been a long time fan of Franco Colombu and it’s great you give him his due, well it’s overdue. Well, which is it? Due or overdue??? Heh heh!

  8. Just a word about Franco Colombu being a chiropractor and he’s 80 years old. Well you chose to say that he’s CURRENTLY a chiropractor. Yes that is true but it didn’t just happen! And it didn’t JUST happen after his bodybuilding career was over ! He has been a licensed chiropractor since the 70s almost 5 decades. That’s why he has always been called Dr. Franco Colombu. I think you need to edit your stuff and have somebody (literate) review it for you before you go to print so to speak. You’re likely to catch some of these gaffs and polish your narrative. I know, it’s hard. But if it were easy everybody be doing it and in many cases they are, and doing it badly at that. Still I liked your video very much.

  9. In 1977 World's Strongest Man Franco led after several events, clearly the strongest. For wrist role contestants stood on a 20 or 30 feet platform; Franco could have rolled the weight up, dropped it, rolled it a second time and still won. In the refrigerator race all contestants walked up a hill except Franco who ran, an obvious mistake. To me, Franco looked different in bodybuilding; he was ripped, denser and looked like he could rip the others apart.


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