1. im with you AJ, my videos showed me that although im getting big, my upper bodys changing faster than my lower body so I think like you, knowing that my legs are challanged in growing i know in order not to look like the dreaded Heavy-Topped Gym Guy with chicken legs, YOUR LEGS HAVE TO GET DOUBLE THE WORK TO GROW, cause remeber its all about SEMETRY, keep up the good work!!

  2. i'll break it to you guys, to get lower than 8% bf you need to use Clen.

    This dude here and in the get through some steroid cycles, trust me I can tell. use this vid for motivation and not a goal

  3. @kane123369 but u keep coming to my videos and watching them…why do you want to keep seeing me if all u do is talk out the side of ur neck? its cuz ur obsessed with me…

  4. @fahadlife aj is not on steriods dude if you followed his progress you would realize its through dedication and hard work just cause you cant achieve the same goals doesnt mean you gotta hate on him he has gained a normal amount of mass appropriate for the length his bodybuilding training which is a couple years

    you should be taking notes instead of hating dude

  5. Good video! btw my mate followed this amazing weight reduction plan named: Impact 790 Diet and decreased 14 pounds in a month. I can't remember the exact website just Google it.

  6. if you dudes desire to get ripped much faster without spending a one another minute in the gym, then you must look at this video tutorial SIXPP.COM

    When you believe that you are not worthwhile in and of yourself, in the back of your mind you also begin to believe that life is not worthwhile in and of itself


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