1. your only doing the top half of the range of motion… after that you just move your elbows back and do a rowing motion just so that the bar comes down and hits your hips, making you think your going all the way down… your not.
    thats just what i see, but your still getting results i guess.. so keep it up!

  2. Dude not to hate or anything because your body is ten times better than mine but I thought u just got done bulking at least that's what your twitter account says if I'm not mistaken ……. You look the same as last year why don't u do a actual bulk like Matt ogus and Chris jones using flexible dieting or are u still going of the old school bro science way of bodybuilding

  3. Thats a good question. Matt Ogus and Chris Jones are bodybuilders, whereas I compete in the Fitness Model category. Years ago I wanted to be a bodybuilder but my genetics include a hyper active metabolism and a lean frame. These are great qualities to have in the FM category. And I was bulking mostly in my legs. If you saw me when I was in high school you would be shocked, hahaha I was VERY lean. And dont get me wrong I reference their channels constantly. I am very cautious of my diet as well

  4. I feel like AJ is one of the most consistant guys when it comes to a pretty clean diet. Sure he is lean because of his bodytype but to stay lean like that requires alot of discipline and as you can see his hard work has payed off over the course of like 4-5. I'm impressed dude and I hope one day i will also be a better me every day like you are AJ.

  5. My form is like this to avoid damaging the tendons in my elbows. I could fully extend my arms if this were very light weight but it is not. The exercise still works, as you can see in one the sets by biceps were worked to failure.


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