Supporting team always late


  1. That happens when your ego is shit and you’re cheating. Even the bandages on knees and wrists are cheating. If your shitbag of body can’t handle the weight by itself then you probably not gonna lift it for a reason….

  2. If you're going to hear a weightlifting competition you should have to have at least a couple of EMTs there you're a dumbass if you don't it can't be that hard to find a couple

  3. I swear a bunch of these fail clips are just fucking amateurs lifting to much weight than they can even handle, like non of them even practice or work up to the weigh they are doing it seems like they just think they are the hulk and go for it dumbasses. And allot of them are skinny as fuck guys doing an insane amount of weight and it's like almost what they deserve for being stupid as shit

  4. 3:30 the snatch should never be done with weight you don't have complete control of. Spine shivering stuff. Just power clean. If you can't rack it back down to the floor it goes. Same earlier for the push press. On a strict press you're forced to use a weight you can handle so if its too heavy it sits back down on your upper chest. Safe

  5. I feel sorry for 6:24. Silly equipped crap. The weight is too heavy. You should be able to unrack it yourself by lifting bum to unrack then bum back on bench though help to unrack is OK but you should be able to actually press it comfortably for your own safety and not rely on wide grip belly bouncing. Press the bloody weight

  6. Lmfao!!! This shit is so fucking funny to me! Ya deserve those injuries! That’s your body telling you that it’s not suited for these type of strains! Duh! But ya so brain dead ya continue and die in your 40’s and 50’s from steroid complications or being crushed by weights! It’s good to be strong and fit but in moderation.

  7. 8:03 grip too wide, no body tightness, helper just let's go and doesn't realise his buddy needed his arms locked for the lift off and to settle over the chest not the throat. The bar comes down below the chest….i repeat… below the nipples and Paused on the chest with your elbows tucked by your sides not flared out and drive up with a slight sort of hip thrust for some help out of the bottom. You lockout at the top and with fully locked arms send the bar towards what should be a power rack and as soon as the bar hits the rack you lower it because you know its them impossible to miss the j hooks. Safe bench press=)

  8. 8:25 that middle spotter actually tried helping on Closer look. The whole thing would've been avoided by lifting in a power rack. No spotters needed then and no crap this this could possibly happen. Dumb sport of power lifting. Use a bloody power rack

  9. this is a definition compilation of all brawn and no brain, why would you risk your life and others around by lifting such heavy weights with no or some pathetic support/spotter team?

  10. at 3:55 people are like: "oh! is this part of the show?" as if they are waiting to see him disappear and reappear at a different location with different attire and say 'Tada'

  11. Trust me or abuse me, Olympic weightlifting is the most stupid thing you can do to your body. It is not worth the risk, I mean, you can be a very very fit person by combining diff martial arts, weightlifting, gymnastic, calisthenics routines but why the fuck you wanna 300-4000 kgs squats or bench?


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