Watch the full video of Aamir Khan’s body transformation from 97 kgs to six packs for #Dangal here.

Dangal is an extraordinary true story based on the life of Mahavir Singh and his two daughters, Geeta and Babita Phogat. The film traces the inspirational journey of a father who trains his daughters to become world class wrestlers.

Release Date: 23rd December 2016

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  1. Oooo mannn it's just unbelievable, before and after, it's crazy, marvellous, stunning,awesome, incredible, astonishing, this video could motivate any person who disappointed by his or her life. Love and respect from Pakistan…….

  2. I am a certified nutritionist and a doctor and at his age body does not produce enough testosterone to gain muscle in such short period of time that's impossible he has gone through steroids cycle to attain such results I am not disrespecting him or demoralizing you all I am just telling the truth the only natural and real fitness model in Bollywood is Akshay Kumar according to me so no offense

  3. Every thing for money haan.
    In recent interview one actor/ess said "if a story needs to be told then no matter what the role is I will do it"
    Then tell me why they demand so much of money for it. Actor like Aamir Khan takes shares in profits.
    If Padmavat story needs to be told to people then why she was paid 10-11 crores. Y not 1 -2 crs even this is good amt.
    Take less payments if u want the story to reach every person.

  4. This kind of transformation is impossible without steroids in 5-6 months. Appreciate his hard work towards his work and motivating millions for being fit. I actually believe he must have hid steroid point so that youth doesn’t go in wrong direction. Naturally This can be achieved in 2-3 yrs


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