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  1. There is a reason why you become fat in the first place. Your body can't process all of the food that it has ingested, so it stores it. When you eat too much daily, your body gets overloaded, which leads to health complications. This is no excuse to satiate some insecure bs. You are just going to make yourself more depressed. A person with a two-faced mask. A paradigm of self-loathing. A horrid excuse of a person. Most people can control it. It's not a permanent situation, but it can lead to the permanence of bad health if not attended.

  2. I am someone who is morbidly obese and I agree with you entirely. I have been struggling with my weight since I was a young teen. I am now making great progress in my weightloss journey, I am now 50lbs down and now under 400lbs. But being this unhealthy has made life harder. So thanks for saying this.

  3. You see.. . These are the Type of people who are too lazy to get off their asses and to do something about their health and loose their fat and weight, so these people create these ridiculous movements and shit (utter bullshit) just to make themselves feel happy and safe and feel relevant. Instead of doing something to change. And when someone eventually do looses weight, since these people get butthurt for being so lazy and cant stand that someone is actually getting some results and being fur, these people just start hating that person. What an utter bullcrap. People always tend to hid behind these movements since they are too lazy to do something to change or create something new. In other finding excuses for being a lazy ass. Not just fat movement. But almost every other movement is just bunch of people who wanna make themselves feel special so they can be judment free. And the other stupid people keep commending these people saying they are brave And shit. People have tucked up the word "BRAVE"

  4. I am 313 pounds and diabetic. I used to be 330 pounds. I decided I would rather not die, at least not in the immediate future. Before the lockdown, I was going to the gym 6 days a week. I will go back as soon as it reopens. It is not healthy to be this heavy. My skeleton was not made to support this weight. It hurts. Being fat literally hurts.

  5. Ok so are there people who are fat but cant do something about it? Like my friend she is kinda fat,not too much tho and she has asthma. Tbh I've never seen her eat unhealthy and I dont think she does. So I dont know if she can do something better for her body.

  6. My uncle was literally a fat body builder. He was strong as but ate like crap. He now has type 2 diabetes and has had one foot removed due to it. He still refuses to eat healthy and Mocks me coz I do.

  7. Is it just me or was it not like 4 years ago there was almost a battle against obesity.
    So now i think we should just let them eat themselves to death.
    Not wishful thinking, just letting them be.
    But if they try to educate against science absoFUCKINGlutely shut them down

  8. Even a person of normal weight for their height can be obese. Skinny fat is the term. Low muscle mass, high fat content. They can suffer the same health consequences as those who are visibly obese.

    There are people out there who look fit and thin but their body is a mess inside. Organs surrounded with fat.

    Please keep this in mind when you make videos on obesity as you tend to focus on those visibly obese. Both forms cause serious health issues.

    I'm epileptic as well Isaac. I have some weight gain due to medication. I'm a figure skater.

  9. The Fat apocalypse is here boys. Im no skinny boi, but the huge individuals in the world are growing in numbers! (And waist size) we need to become healthier and smaller. Nobody is asking them to be the next hugh jackman !

  10. These cows would never have me on their platforms. I'm about 320 lbs and inspire grown men AND women towards fitness and strength. My coworkers have nicknamed me "Thick Willie" and love my work in the gym. You'll never get my fat self to cosign to the "Fat Acceptance Movement".

  11. Somehow, they seem insecure with that blame game on other factors instead of try even harder to lose their fats. Im kinda fat myself but I don't think people should encourage being fat is healthy.

  12. Honestly mate I'm a bit tubby because I'm lazy, don't want to be a victim dunno why anyone would but yeah I agree with most things you say, but let me do what i want, fat is not beautiful, let me be lazy lad.

  13. The problem is that certain people keep telling them that they're 'healthy', 'beautiful' or 'perfect' until they actually believe it. Which is just crazy and delusional because you straight up aren't. And these girls cannot honestly say that they think they look perfect in the mirror. Like is this the message they really wanna send to younger girls? That they should just eat whatever they want and develop unhealthy habits because you're beautiful no matter what?

  14. Excuse me being offended because someone slimmed down since they want to live longer, youre being so pitiful that you want someone to stay fat ruining their health just for youre satisfaction, that's what I call being Lazy, and a piece of shit. Its what I call praise phobic. Where you cant stand to see someone doing better than you. I'm looking at you some Adele fans.


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